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Zexal 40 was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time my heart is still aaaaaa

Ok, shh, me. ;u; It was really good though!
Arts and thumbnails and stuff )

I'm also going to be trying to apply for CS internships at Pixar and Google! >_<;;;; We'll...see what happens! *crosses fingers* They're both rightfully super picky about who they hire, so probably my chances are 0.00000000000001%, but........I need to try. I need to develop a backbone! I also think it's high-time I seriously considered getting a psychiatrist. Especially since I've technically paid for it with USC's mandatory fees.

....Speaking of backbone, I'll be getting my spine X-ray-ed tomorrow (finally). Then I have to wait for results, hahahahaha!
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Mmmm, driving test tomorrow, physics test on Thursday. ;__; So scared. At least there's AM^2 on Friday..?

Tests and junk means you get a destressor pic! )
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Odin Sphere )

At last! I can do my physics without this on my shoulders. I feel so sick right now, both from CG-ing for hours straight (my wrist hurts so much) and my stomach's deciding to go through puberty again, ughh. Really wish I had violin lessons today.
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I am unaccustomed to this vector business who can explain it to me. :|

I am obsessed with wasting time )
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LS progress )

Still need to vary the lineart on Ingway, shade him, then extra colors (if I feel it needs it), and then background time! \o/ .........That is a lot, in case you're wondering.
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No LS this time since I knew I would take forever on that leg and I did. :| It's still not perfect, but passable. I'll futz with the background to hide the awkward angles or something. XD;

Basic colors splat down )

If all goes well, I should have three pairing pics of all the main characters. If. all. goes. well.
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Another Livestream done since I REALLY ought to get working on those Artist alley prints. DX

Aw yeah shipping )
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It is the strangest thing having a video game fandom again.

Assassin's-freaking-Creed. This trailer inspired me to pick up the first game, which we happened to have lying around.

I just started playing because my bro keeps playing his moe games (Neptunia) on his PS3--not my thing--and I was still craving some kind of DRAMATIC game. And at last, I can finally say I play western games. *__*

Really, honestly, I am not fit for this game. I have no taste nor tolerance for suspense. And yet. AND YET. 8V I LIKE IT. Although I turned off the blood. I am no less a pansy from this experience, so, no this is not a growing up thing. Pickpocketing is the hardest thing. I've missed jumping around and running about like in Ape Escape, and Assassin's Creed--dare I say it--does it better! Minus fancy kiddy gadgets and the like. And it's also scarier in Assassin's Creed. I'd stick around and ogle at the backgrounds except there're usually guards on my tail because I am a pro at inadvertently attracting their attention. |D So, yeah.

I've been dabbling in Odin Sphere, too, because I still need the bad endings, but, oof, grinding. x_x; Speaking of Odin Sphere, have you SEEN THE NEW VANILLAWARE GAME? HOLY CRAP THOSE BOOBS. Just...just go to the character page and look at them. You'll know instantly who I'm talking about. >_>;

Your back! Your poor poor back. ;___; I-It hurts to look. ...If I were to play this game, I'd probably use her, too, since I usually find myself acting as support... XDD; I'll admit, it's nice to see a more western flair to the designs (feels Dungeons and Dragons-y--which I only dabbled in in high school so idk), but, goodness gracious me--OWWWW. At least she has dem thighs to help her stand.

But I worry Vanillaware's scrapping plot in favor of gameplay like they did with Muramasa. Their new games (Dragon's Crown and Grand Knights History) seem to gravitate towards having a cast of generic characters, and I'd imagine it'd be difficult to develop much story with them. At least I still have my Odin Sphere for fun Vanillaware plot. )': Maybe I'll try GrimGrimoire...? NOT THAT I'VE EVER PLAYED AN RTS BEFORE.
Moomin comics to make my last post seem less random. D: I quite like it so far!
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Pic here. )

Fangirling and why I drew them. 8) TL;DR. )

Charming things are charming and cute fairies are adorable. :) I don't usually try to draw cute things because my stories and characters usually don't fall into that category. But it's not like I don't like cute things! D: So here is some evidence of my liking cute things. And drawing it.

Gee willickers. Just what is the ratio of my original art to fanart posts?

I have plowed through about six Roald Dahl books in the span of two days. I read Fantastic Mr. Fox for about the millionth time. I've loved that book since forever. I am hooked on his stuff. I'm not sold on all of his books, but but. His narration. <33


Jun. 9th, 2010 10:17 pm
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So here it is without my being horrendously picky-picky (that is, staring at it for several hours and making minute changes)!
It looks disgusting when zoomed in at 100%. ;___;''''

I would be proud of myself for pulling this off in a day (I'm super super slow), but...I did and still do want to make more. :\ I mean, just one thing is kinda lame, and I'm not sure I have the guts to do commissions. Well. There's always keychains and bookmarks to print cheaply and the like!

I have a million thank you cards to write, I'm still not done packing for our trip to Europe on Friday, and I still have college things to figure out. UY.

Oh, and despite how meh Angel Beats! is, I have started to like it. It's charming. The occasional sobby moments do get to me (ahahahahaha ;;;). My keyboard is dying.
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I'm almost done with Odin Sphere....well, then again, since I'm going to try to get all of the scenes, maybe not so close. XDD; I doubt there's spoilers here, and if there are, it'll just be about who's paired with who. But cut anyz.

Read more... )

I kind of want to play GrimGrimoire. My first RTS was FFXII: Revenant Wings, which my cousin let me play for a bit, and even though she accidentally overwrote my game, I'm still willing to play it again after I actually play FFXII. ^^; I've never read Harry Potter, so the close resemblances probably won't bother me, and, mainly, it's really pretty (dang you, Vanillaware), so I want to try it. That is all. :D;;

I also got dragged, along with my sister to City Walk because my friends were afraid to go alone with some Loyola guys. So the guys disappeared after...what, five minutes? D: Why was I dragged along again? So we bought Suikoden V (used and without a manual,'s rare. ;_;) and a crappy Bleach game but since it has Hanatarou, I don't mind at all. :DDDD ...I like wimpy little boys, shaddap. Especially when they try to pull their guts together to do stuff. It's cute. *shot* I should finish Suikoden II first even though I'm really bad at it. XDD;; The camera gets me dizzy, too, so it may take me a while to play it. :D;; But I'll get to it!

Why can't I work when my parents are around? I wish this computer was portable since I'd be able to work more easily.
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Because I haven't posted much in a looong while. Fear my terrible attempt at bg. I'm trying to do guidelines, but it's so hard with a mouse. DDX; It feels awkward. I do neither of these characters justice, but I tried. ._.; Here you have it (just one little image):

D: So messy~ )
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I keep telling myself, "Right after this boss fight, we're through." But instead I just keep going and going and going. DDD: Stupid Persona 3. x_x;

I laughed when I found out Pharos's original name is Phallus. XDD If Atlus here kept that name, I would've laughed even more than I already do when he pops up. I still love that guy to death though. ^^; I just met Ryoji. XDD;; I don't agree that he's pretty, but he's cool since he's amusing. :D; And I feel like I'm alone when I support Junpei/Chidori. ._.; Or Akihiko/Mitsuru even if I can steal Mitsuru away from him >:3. I maxed out my academics and topped an exam, but Mitsuru still won't go out with me for some reason.

I really want to play Ape Escape 3. I only have the first one back on the PS1, which was the most amazing thing ever. *__* Nothing like having apes brainwashing and taking over the world because helmets with flashing lights on top of it and a flying chair to boot. XD And Casi/Chalu is the cutest android ever even if she didn't speak much in the first one. XDD; I missed Ape Escape 2, and it's not on shelves at all here, but the use of Pokemon voice actors kind of kills it. But I want Ape Escape 3 since seeing Specter wearing a bowtie and taking over the TV world is amazing. XDD I'd miss Spike/Kakeru, but these games are just fun and hilarious. x_x; And it was one of my first games, too, so how could I not love it? The professors are stupid since they keep calling them monkeys when they're really apes, but whatever. I'll just laugh at them later. I should play that game again by myself. :3

I still love Odin Sphere, but I haven't gotten around to playing it. I don't like how the translators killed the Norn references, but whatever. I hated Beldor and the uber laggy last battles. But it's amazing otherwise.

Little baby spiders are raining down on me. DX It's really annoying how I don't know where they are.

EDIT: Pfffttt!! Hahaha, just saw my sister watching this and I can't help but laugh at the names! Aww, they didn't keep the "paradigm shift" in that guy's speech. XD But still, the names, the names, I tell you! *snickers* I can't wait for this to get here, and if they do use the "I'm appalled" thing, I will laugh my but off. Trucy? Is that a play on "truth" or "truce"? XDD;;;;; Kristoph Gavin....XDDD


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