May. 8th, 2011

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So today was Mother's Day, it was bro's birthday yesterday, I'm still drained from my last two finals, I have the deathliest finals tomorrow, so I'll be stuck on campus pretty late testing my life away, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed



I'm doing my best to study, but I'm stressed enough that my desire to draw is pushing at my seams and just being a rude jerk in general. Man, give my studying drive some space, drawing drive. Can't you just hold out FOR A DAY. asjkahlaakfhalkjrgh;

Venting because I REALLY don't want to study, but I REALLY need to. This moaning and groaning'll be over tomorrow, and then hopefully I can draw stuff before the storm that is my awful summer rears its ugly head.

....You'll probably either hear about my wisdom teeth, my driving test, or summer school registration next. Just a heads up, guys. My life is not exciting, but I like to pretend it is. You know how it is.


Hope you guys were cool to your moms today.


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