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I got a simple multithreaded program to work, with one working on a repeat timer and the other in a permanent while loop that accepts input via the stupid console (which you generally don't use in java!). It's an accomplishment, at least! Means I have some idea of how I'm going to design this. So have SoaLS stuff, a project I worked on during winter break and worked a little bit on the script this semester.
What I worked on ) Is where Fawkes shows off most of his gamedev outside of Twitter. :> Maybe one day I can join in the coding section! orz;
Is where you can download the mostly finished chapters. I don't think my graphics or script are in here yet but, hey! Pluggity-plug-plug!
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So I mentioned a romance short story my sister challenged me to do, yeah? Well, here're some character designs! She also gave me the extra challenge of drawing it in my cartoonier style, so this'll prove to be tons of fun to make! :)

An unlikely pair )

Oh, oh, and a Chinese version of "Bad Apple!!" Very pretty, and especially great if you prefer more acoustic instruments as opposed to electric guitars and other electric whatchamahoozits!
Bad Apple!! in Chinese )
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Yesterday was uncool. I did finish the second volume of Dickens's Great Expectations though (finally). I hate his LOOKITMEEEE I'M ALL EXPOSITION! chapters though. Otherwise I think I'd like it a lot more. It's not as if I hate it though.

....I just realized I inadvertently ate the top part of my apple. Like...the stem. Uh. Oops?

So music! I've told the world over that I have a soft spot for jazz. I also really like waltzes for some reason. So why not BOTH?

I can only read 3/4 of the title. And I'm not really a Touhou fan (sorry), but my brother is, and I do admit that there are really cool remixes out there. The video for this one is fantastic. Someone said it in the comments that it's a lot like 月のワルツ and it is. Just a lot more melancholy. So without further ado, here it is:

Touhou super cool music and video (plus stupid comments by yours truly) )


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