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My last physics post was incorrect! Allow me to correct myself, for I have yet to truly become a nerd. :'( I can wish!

The weird feeling on roller coaster drops iiiis:
You are wearing a seat-belt on a drop. Your body does not get that. It still wants to move up in the same direction the track was going. It hasn't realized the car has dropped until the seat-belt starts to pull you down (so please wear those seat-belts). After that, your body gets the message and gets pulled down. But your guts haven't gotten that message! It moves up until it hits some wall in the top of your body. Theen it moves down.

So yes, the different accelerations in your body still apply, and that's why it feels weird. Here's the order:

1) The car moves down
2) You move down, due to the seat-belt pulling you down into the car.
-That is, you have normal force from the seat-belt pulling you down
3) Your guts move down.

So! You are accelerating downward more than normally: gravity's pull + the seat-belt's pull
And that is our simple physics of roller coaster drops, sans friction and air-resistance!

Thaat's short enough for physics, I think. Have a rough comic page: )

In the meantime, have a look at pretty sugar crystals!
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I guess it'd be nice to be credited, but whatever man. I don't know this person at all, but I think this is a hilarious edit to my pic. XDDDD

Meme! Meme!

Nov. 7th, 2011 11:26 pm
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Some 30 day meme I will probably never finish on schedule um )
I want to do dis.
atm i got nothing two midterms on wed dude arrrrr :V
Attempt at merging synesthesia with studying is go )
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My app.................somehow got accepted. Now I'm a part of the robot society. What. What.

Oops. I'm. Kind of screwed now. Erp. Ahh. Aaah.



Hopefully it'll be cool.
Y'know. Maybe. Make some friends. And. Learn things. ;;;;;;;;;;

And. Not die. (/)~(\);;;;;
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I am totally on my own with engineering henceforth. \o/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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So like I totally decorate my tests just to tick my teachers off.

Not entirely true but have a sample )
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Dying. So bad.

Someone solve this segfault for me. orz;; *lame newbie coder*
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Layout update! As much as I love Robert Frost, it was time to let his poem go. :(
Now we have a fun word with a cute first syllable. Yeah.

I really wanted to make a random header image (the images are simple enough that it wouldn't over-energize the page), but I am not well versed at all in the ways of css and php and what-have-yous.

Oh, and guess what! I got rid of the banner ads also meaning I have less userpics to EXPRESS MYSELF, but dude, I can so deal with that. *cue withdrawal symptoms*

Red isn't really my color, but I love the simplicity of the layout, and it felt wrong to let go of the red. It gives it some pizazz, I guess, whatever that is.

Hahaha, Houshin Engi's anime is so bad, but the hilarious dub makes up for it. Oh gosh.
Clazziquai is an awesome group. The vocals. The instrumentation. Eeeee! ♥ Be still my heart!
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Got this from Ruina:

Katamarify any webpage!
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EE midterm.

I seriously DO NOT know how to study for this. :V


return 0;


...Does anyone have study music they want to share? :D Anything'll do!
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So I started playing Last Window (Hotel Dusk 2) like two days ago.

I finished it today.

Uh. Uh.

I do this with Professor Layton, too. I'm a sucker for novel/mystery type games it looks. >___>; It is SUCH a shame that Cing's gone. I'll really miss their games. ;___; The aesthetic! The mystery! KYLE HYDE. Whoops, that wasn't supposed to come out.

Professor Layton 3 (with Yuri Lowenthal Legal-Luke) is on the shelf, too, but I oughta take a break from games for awhile. I really enjoyed Last Window. Oh, Cing. I'll really miss your games. TDT I wouldn't love mystery so much now if I hadn't relearned how cool it was from your games!

Truth be told I like Trace Memory/Another Code better than Kyle Hyde games because. I. Cannot stand suspense. My heart is a fragile thing. DX
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In my opinion, we should never ask anyone what they want to be when they grow up, until they’ve turned 37.
By Captain Mark of the Lorelei, or in non-reader terms, the creator of Sailor Twain.

I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't like it. Seriously, that would be awesome. The only time people tell us we're young is when they want to call us out on our naïveté. I'd like to think we're all entitled to being dreamers, and if not dreamers, wanderers. We become stagnant because other people make us think we're trapped. So we stop and try to find an answer to a puzzle that isn't really there.

Of course, the mind doesn't always agree with the heart, and, boy, it'd be great if they did! So yeah, that's a bit of heart up there, and my mind still wants to wage war with the poor thing. Also, I am just abusing my soapbox privileges lately, gosh!

Go read the webcomic (nsfw once mermaid hits). It's goooood. :O So much thought put into everything! I had to sing "Shenandoah" for choir, which is an American folk song about the ol' Mississippi river (further research actually says there a different story about it, but that's aside the point). Rivers are just romantic somehow, I dunno. H2O is just funny like that.

Oh, oh, ooohhh, but THIS is also awesome:

Gears are just entrancing. I've always wanted to build something out of clockwork. That's what engineering's for I guess. :S And if it's not your cup of tea, the music's still worth it. XD
More randomings! )
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“Have you read more than 6 of these books? The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books listed here. Bold those books you’ve read in their entirety, italicize the ones you've partially read.”

The fantasmic list )
I'm surprised Poe and Virginia Woolf aren't here.  :O Whoever wrote this really likes Jane Austen...

Well, this makes 17 fully read and 12 partially read.  Yeah, I'm new at this whole bookworm stuff, but I'm doing my best!  There's a lot of stuff here I've wanted to read, but never got to/those texts are so heavy and thus EXPENSIVE aaaahhhh.

Oh well!  At least I've read more than double BBC's expectation of the average person. B)b ...although not all of the books I've read were particularly good experiences. *COUGHJANEEYRECOUGH* Among others. >_>;
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Dusk emotes. )
I didn't do this to improve so much as hey I feel like drawing Dusk today (like I tend to). Dusk's emotions I've got down pretty well. That's not to say I drew it well though, hahaha. Quickly done because I am sooo uninspired. orz.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 05:21 pm
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Before I leave for class, have a 6 minute doodle of Isaac.
When Isaac what. )

I don't WANT to study precalc, but I have to. Here's to hoping this week's homework isn't annoying!
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Tetris wins another one!
Fascinating! But psychology's still too young, so substantial proof's hard to come by. :(

Oh, and, and.

Bill Nye will always, ALWAYS be my hero. We need to CHANGE THE WORRRRLLDDD.
Hello, engineering! Shall we walk to my inevitable doom? 8DDD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

DISTRACTIONS: Sherlock 2010!
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Blood made from skin!

Syents is awwsum.
I am such a spammer, I'm sorry. But seriously! It's cool! D:

For some reason, I'm really missing CiNG's games. Ugh, Europe beats us in CiNg games.
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Doing all this gross political research crap for the elections. I...really don't like either governor. And finding a mostly unbiased summary of the propositions is difficult. I think I have most of my decisions down now, but, GOSH. Misleading terminology left and right. Let's hope the ballot's wording isn't going to make me forget my original decision. :/

Anti-viral biz!
More anti-viral biz!

Whether or not they'll totally work is a different story. But viruses have always been super pesky, so this should prove interesting! But viruses aren't all that bad. I heard that at Yale they engineered a virus to kill brain tumor tissues....don't know how well it worked (it's been a few years), but, y'know, SKYENZ!!!

Ok, yeah. Gotta vote now. :(b
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Kind of productive.

Except I did chores instead of my paper.


Why doesn't anyone understand my...MY PAIN?! -comiiic- )
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Er. So I always knew in the back of my mind that CECS had electrical hardware biz in it until my bro confused me and told me there wasn't and for some reason I believed him. But I know zilch about electricity. Er. Imma DIIEE.

I am so unproductive today and I need to be even though tomorrow will mark the death of me (no no it won't we hope) but my digestive system has died for about the millionth time in the past few months. I will start replying eventually. BACK TO THE TIN DRUM. 8I


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