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That stuff I've been drawing lately plus my singing slightly flat:
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Screw my calculus 3 and CS finals--is what I really want to say, but, geez, I really need to do well. 8(
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I lost an eraser a friend gave me and a motivational pin with a shark on it this week. Now I need an eraser. :/ Kinda need it for math and junk. And I really miss that friend who gave it to me. In short: crappy week!

So have an unhappy song in which I sing with a bad mic, so I sound muffled and static-y in places. I am mostly on key, but on a couple of notes I'm off a bit. This is my more comfortable range, after all, so it's a little easier. But it is still low quality because I used a low quality mic!

Ashes of Dreams )

I really miss singing. ;-;
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Download link (lol):
Original version: By Hatsune Miku
It's better than all my past ones, so give it a listen if you're so willing! It's still fairly rough (I sharp the first few words and flat it in some small places), but it's decent this time, at least. Cover of Jimmy-thumb P's song "Calc".

I actually had some weird harmony thing going on, but I scrapped it since it was taking too long to fix, and I didn't want to do it again for the refrains. :P And I have trouble keeping my voice quality consistent and sometimes I can't spit my syllables out quite fast enough. Other than that, and much struggling to be on pitch towards the end, I think it's ok! :>
Aaaand I hadn't realized this episode was so long, so we're around the 32 minute mark, I think? (too chicken to listen :P)
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Well! I suppose a disclaimer is in order.
Singing my rump off yo )

I recommend these covers if you want nice sounding ones. :) In fact, it's because of these covers I gave sining 'em a try.

Awesome covers. )


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