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Upper back pains, shooting pains near my clavicle at random moments in time, prickly sensation over my upper back, loss of sensation in the middle of my back, whooooo! All this is geeeenerally focused on the left side of my body. The general sore pain in my back I'm fairly sure I can attribute to hauling around a heavy backpack over campus every school day.

The other symptoms have been there for months if not years, and I've just been ignoring it. It's only today that I said to myself, huh, isn't it bad to lose sensation near my spine? :V *looks stuff up* Clearly, I just wanted an excuse to procrastinate.

Loool, I think I did something to my spine. 8D Uups. OH WELL THIS CAN WAIT UNTIL AFTER FINALS! My nerves just have to man up for another three weeks. Two of those weeks won't consist of hauling textbooks to school! Probably. Hopefully won't require surgery, since those are expensiiive. I don't even know if I can meet with a doctor until next year anyway.
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Just discovered that I actually have atrocious professors next semester except one! One! Weeeh. It's extremely daunting seeing I have less time next semester than I do now, and I'm already struggling, and the CS professor with his insane deadlines and workload is going to kill me. People who are taking 200 are dying with this professor, and so am I. It's like I'll only ever get a good CS professor in operating systems and die from the sheer difficulty of it, hahaha.

I've a midterm this week, two quizzes, and robo stuff. :D; Whiiiich I don't get, and I may let people down. :((((

By the way, machine code is really weird! I keep treating it like software, which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The whole mind the clock in machine code is so different from sequential software that it throws me off.

Watching Avatar. I really respect the people who made this. It's politics, war, death, and has such cool characters. The staff really did their research! So many Asian ideologies are mixed in from the Confucian family first ideals, to the overprotective Asian parents, to the super strict Asian parents expectations, to the complexes Asian kids of such parents often have--IT'S A VERY ASIAN SHOW and that's amazing. And it's a kid's show! Amazing. I still think the romance is misplaced though, hahaha. But the women are super awesome! It's a good show. I admire the witers!
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I want to be proud of something, too. :(

Have a pic in lieu of a rant )
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Just came back from Las Vegas with my visiting relatives. School's in less than a week. The best part of Vegas is the gaudy interiors. I took pictures of the tiling, the random tacky ceilings, the carpets, modern art--yeah, it was great! I hate the smells though. And, I don't know why people think this place is sexy. I guess it's just how most people are/advertising. I miss the Coca-Cola tower though. It was full of fun soda fountains and cool stuff used to impress kids! Man, I used to love that place when I was younger. Vegas has nice interiors though! Will use for reference in my engineer-y story.

Website's probably not happening until much later! Which upsets me some, but, whatever. Dealing with it. I am now registered for a singing class this semester! I have missed singing in class so much I can't even. <3
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There's a lot of people out there who demean theoretical physics and quantum physics as unrealistic and stupid. Like, how can the imaginary number 'i' ([(-1)^(1/2)]) be used in equations meant to explain the universe? Or how does the existence of parallel universes make any sense whatsoever? Teleportation, wormholes, warp systems, pinpointing the characteristics of light--a lot of people think it's garbage.

I don't. In fact, I enjoy this sort of discourse, even though I barely understand a word of it. Why use 'i'? Because it works. Math isn't something naturally made--rather, it's man-made: it's a language used to explain the universe as accurately as we know how. Just as writers and artists use visuals and prose and poetry to explain the world, so do mathematicians and physicists, except they do it with more precision. They describe the world in ways don't rely on individual perceptions, but rather a universal perception. So let them play. Let them play with the math, let them find something meaningful. If writers can make meaningful things with mere words, then mathematicians can, too.

So let them have their fun, even if all of it isn't true to life. All of us are artists, and art has been known to open our eyes to new ideas. Math and physics is just another art form--just closer to a reality that is real to all of us.
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AM^2 was awesome! Artist Alley-wise, at least. I sat on my rump ALL WEEKEND LONG and did nothing but SIT ON MY RUMP ALL WEEKEND LONG doing commissions and stuff, but it was fun! It is THE most satisfying thing having customers squeal over commissions or paying me tips for them and being overall happy with them! It meant so much to me that nearly all of my customers were ecstatic/satisfied with my commissions. ;w; Even the ones where I had to draw the customer! Heck, ESPECIALLY those! <333 A-a-and EVEN THOUGH I COLORED WITH CRAYONS WHEN THEY WANTED IT COLORED THEY WERE STILL REALLY HAPPY. <333

I haven't done things with traditional media i na really long time (since I don't have a scanner), but I'm happy people like it. X3 I took a picture of most of the commissions (except the ones I forgot), so I'll post those up when I get the chance. \o/ I had a lot of commission takers, so that made me pretty happy (and tired)!

Assassin's Creed sells really well. Only one Legal Luke and no Ingway and Mercedes pic sold (Gwendolyn and Oswald almost sold out though, so I guess I should have smaller versions of Ingway and Mercedes XD;;), but those Altair charms were really popular! I cut Altair and the hay into two parts and attached them with a chain (so it's a somewhat long two part charm), and everyone was pretty psyched about it! My AC commission sample (made to show people I could draw MEN without being cute because, well, girls like men, typically) also attracted people, and one girl asked if I could draw Altair and Malik for her commission. AC WAS A GOOD BANDWAGON TO JUMP.

Girls took mostly commissions while guys mostly bought the prints and charms! Our table was a total gamer table, and some people were really psyched by it! Plenty of groups of guys called our table the best table. \o/ We had P4, DJMax Technika, TotA, Touhou, FFT, Odin Sphere, Professor Layton, Guilty Gear (this attracted a lot of people), Pokemon, Assassin's Creed--and I even met another Ape Escape fan! ;w; My sister, of course churned out the most profit! It was awesome! I-I mean, PEOPLE BOUGHT MY STUFF! AND LIKED IT!!!! *___*

I'll post pictures later, but for now, I'm feelin' pretty good. :'> We almost broke even on Friday, but fully broke even on Saturday, when my sis entered the table. Pretty dang small con (there was like, twenty artist tables), but we still got the right audience. X3 Me and [ profile] jamuko were interviewed in all our brilliant girly embarrassed giggliness on man vs. art, so when that ep is up, I'll post and you guys can laugh at me!

Oh, oh, and if you like oldies like me, Layla Lane is a good band to check out! <3


Jun. 15th, 2011 12:40 am
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NEEDLESS TO SAY I bombed the driving test! I had a crabby Asian guy complaining at me during half the test about how slow I was and it was generally just a horrifying irritating experience. I still haven't gotten completely over it, but Assassin's Creed and naps helped! Also drawing! Kind of. Except where it took me so many times longer than I wanted it to, thereby ruining my sleeping schedule way more than it already is.

Next road test in under two week's time someone shoot me ugghhh.

Art where I am too lazy to color nicely )

Someone left a nice comment on my silly Assassin's Creed fanart in pixiv! \o/ That made me kinda happy, hahaha. I am somehow playing through this game and I still don't know how I'm doing it.
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Yesterday was nice! We were out with our visiting uncles off into parts of California I've never been to (or at least was too young to remember). Santa Barbara was like a wide (it's still America) Madrid, almost! There were musicians, brick, outside eating--awesome stuff. Young people and old people everywhere. It was clean and super nice! Not that we did much, hahaha.

We then went to Solvang! We first went into this awesome clock shop with MECHANICAL CLOCKS. YEAH. Y'know, the ONES YOU HAVE TO WIND?! So, so cool. Pendulums a-swinging, cuckoo clocks a-singing, chimes a-a-a--a-chiming? Anyway, it was all very very cool. Then they had super fancy music boxes with coasters and ferris wheels and combs and actual music movements--not just the electronic stuff. Mechanical! Purely mechanical!

There were some electronic stuff, too, some of which were pretty cool, but the mechanical stuff takes center stage for me. Aw, man, it was so cool being surrounded by that stuff, and I'm glad it still has a spot in California. I wish I had enough money to buy one--it seemed family run, and hopefully they'll still be there for several more years. I still want to make stuff like that one day! Their site. I think I ran into these guys' site when looking up how to make music boxes. XD;

Also, blueberry ice cream is delicious. I thought of it once as a kid, so I had to try it--it was great!

We also went to a casino, but I was kicked out at the door because I was too young. Which was fine; I'm not interested in gambling and second-hand smoke. Except there was nothing to do. My dad and I walked the parking structure. Then waited. Not very exciting. Wished there were places to walk to, but alas.

[ profile] jamuko also called me that day--which was a shock since usually it's a friend complaining about how unavailable I am--because[ profile] without_reason was in town and had no one to hang out with?! TDT It's too bad we couldn't make it. ;___; If you come over again, we'll try our best to catch you! Hope you had fun while you were here! \o/ .....And I'm sorry I'm so awkward on the phone, Jamu. OTL;; My brain just crashes on the cellphone. I should've been much more polite about it all! T^T;;;;

Too much food intake the past two weeks. Mom cooked in bulk so that we'd have something to eat while they were off on their trip. See, she cares, but she...doesn't understand that we don't eat that much! So we've stuffed our faces trying to finish it all before it went bad. We were unsuccessful, but luckily it's not bad yet. Then our uncles come along and have been dragging us from restaurant to restaurant--and, golly, it's just been too much. I'm gaining--it's delicious, but there's just too much! And wasting's not cool, so. :/a I really need to have a long walk.

I also need time to drive and set up a schedule for my wisdom teeth surgery and driving test and BoE meeting--then summer school!


I ate an apple today. And for some reason, the seeds were germinating INSIDE THE APPLE. adsjagkjh--what do I do?! @_@; Does anyone know how to care for germinating seedlings? A-and since we don't have room in the yard...any bonsai-ers around? ;____; I-I don't want them to die after they've tried so hard...
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My computer is being a stubborn ass and is refusing to tell me what's wrong with him. Hard disk errors? No. Virus? Nope. Memory? Nuh-uh! COMPUTER WHY WON'T YOU COOPERATE WITH ME YOU HAVE IMPORTANT FILES INSIDE OF YOU DON'T DAMAGE THEM. DDD8 He seems to have something against shutting down properly, and for some reason, a blue light on my tower stays on when the computer doesn't shut down properly (I don't know why. It's connected to the software somehow? D| WELL IT'S DUMB.), and it makes it exceedingly difficult for me to sleep. It'd be so much nicer if it were the red light, because that I can stand, but, no.

Based on all of the errors and symptoms my computer's been showing, memory seemed the most likely culprit, but the memory test shows there's nothing wrong with the memory. I'm lost, and I'm afraid of physically damaging my hard drive or memory by continuing to use it, but I...have to, so. :/a Sad day, computer.

I-I really need to write, but I got nothing. Just letting my fingers run loose. Nothing exciting here! (Read if you want though? 8Db;;;)

have a meme. )

hey guys

May. 10th, 2011 11:16 pm
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It was [ profile] talc2's birthday over a week ago (oops), SO I DREW HER CHARACTER ANYO TO MAKE UP FOR IT. ;~;
why is it always barney colors )

I love how the my weighted total online for math is 12.60%, but luckily, as I found out, it's inaccurate. WHEW. Almost gave me a heartattack! I D-ed the final by strict grading standards, but apparently it counts as a B, so I now have a high B in the class! I DID IT. X_X;;; ...OH SHIZ I'M GOING INTO ENGINEERING FFFFFFFFFF *goes for the noose*

I...also joined dA-Fantasia because [ profile] animetor_lily invited me to join her foodie group. XDD At first I was like, eeeeh, and then I had the idea of a sheep old-ish guy, so I went ahead and accepted. And I RP'ed. It feels really weird RP-ing again, and it's difficult getting into character for a character I've just made, but. Hahaha, it's really light-hearted RP-ing, so it's fun. :> There's people I don't know, but they're really nice, so...I think I can deal with it! ....I'm too chicken to enter the official chatrooms, hahaha. OTL;
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So today was Mother's Day, it was bro's birthday yesterday, I'm still drained from my last two finals, I have the deathliest finals tomorrow, so I'll be stuck on campus pretty late testing my life away, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed



I'm doing my best to study, but I'm stressed enough that my desire to draw is pushing at my seams and just being a rude jerk in general. Man, give my studying drive some space, drawing drive. Can't you just hold out FOR A DAY. asjkahlaakfhalkjrgh;

Venting because I REALLY don't want to study, but I REALLY need to. This moaning and groaning'll be over tomorrow, and then hopefully I can draw stuff before the storm that is my awful summer rears its ugly head.

....You'll probably either hear about my wisdom teeth, my driving test, or summer school registration next. Just a heads up, guys. My life is not exciting, but I like to pretend it is. You know how it is.


Hope you guys were cool to your moms today.
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Oh, my CS and calc II midterm aren't on the same day anymore, yaay!

Grade issues still exist though, haha.

Pianos seem to be the music of choice for the majority of my stories. Listening to pianos helps set the tone of ideas and helps them flow a bit better. Too bad my tablet decided to jack up today, haha. I have a lot of introspective characters, and pianos just fit? Even if one of them plays the violin--but that, too, works I suppose...generally the less weeping violin music. Something like "Humoresque."

I've no skill in composing, but I'd like to do it. Keep doing it, I guess, is the appropriate phrase. I'd like to learn how to play the piano well and play the melodies in my head, but I have no coordination. My coordination in violin is still heavily flawed and purely muscle memory--no talent. I'd like to learn the piano still. I hammer on the keys every once in a while and concoct a cacophony of sparse accidentals and random major chords and C major scales up and down--generally unexciting, but fun, for me.

I also picked up some awesome books in the school bookstore! H.G. Wells' The Time Machine and a collection of Ambrose Bierce's Civil War writings--all for $4.39! That's already too much to spend for me. But they had so many other books I've been wanting to read: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Turn of the Screw (even though it's horror, eeh, kinda?), The Red Badge of Courage (THIS), and so much more. *__* I had no idea such a lovely and affordable collection of books existed right there!

Since I can't really draw much at the moment (wrung dry of ideas for now), I've been reading my stress away. And it's pretty awesome, haha.

If anyone has any piano pieces (or any other piece really) they love, please, share! I'm always eager to listen to more. :)
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EE midterm.

I seriously DO NOT know how to study for this. :V


return 0;


...Does anyone have study music they want to share? :D Anything'll do!
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In my opinion, we should never ask anyone what they want to be when they grow up, until they’ve turned 37.
By Captain Mark of the Lorelei, or in non-reader terms, the creator of Sailor Twain.

I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't like it. Seriously, that would be awesome. The only time people tell us we're young is when they want to call us out on our naïveté. I'd like to think we're all entitled to being dreamers, and if not dreamers, wanderers. We become stagnant because other people make us think we're trapped. So we stop and try to find an answer to a puzzle that isn't really there.

Of course, the mind doesn't always agree with the heart, and, boy, it'd be great if they did! So yeah, that's a bit of heart up there, and my mind still wants to wage war with the poor thing. Also, I am just abusing my soapbox privileges lately, gosh!

Go read the webcomic (nsfw once mermaid hits). It's goooood. :O So much thought put into everything! I had to sing "Shenandoah" for choir, which is an American folk song about the ol' Mississippi river (further research actually says there a different story about it, but that's aside the point). Rivers are just romantic somehow, I dunno. H2O is just funny like that.

Oh, oh, ooohhh, but THIS is also awesome:

Gears are just entrancing. I've always wanted to build something out of clockwork. That's what engineering's for I guess. :S And if it's not your cup of tea, the music's still worth it. XD
More randomings! )
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I FINISHED THE SEVEN PAGE PAPER YESSSSS. Now to proofread the ugly beast. :/ I then have to tackle my pre-orientation homework whose next step requires me precal math. Even though I passed AP Calc, hahahaha, fun. D| I did better in calc than almost every math I had before it minus Hon. Geometry and Algebra I. Watch me do terribly on this. OTL;;

My fingers feel so cold they're hard to move. DX I'm sensitive to the cold, it seems.

I typed a buttload up for Yumble about Counterpoint. Dang, I really do have a lot of characters. Hahaha, well, LA's populated! And it's not like each of them has to spew their life stories at you. I guess it's more...helpful with the bit they'll say? Like how an actor works! Tone and posture and whatnot. Things like that.

I need to sleep. I hate insomnia, why won't it go awaaaaayyyyy.
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Finally, I can start my work on my pre-orientation homework again! I hate online exams, UGH. And I get to wait to see if my application is good enough for the engineering department. Geez, I don't know. If I take CS, I'm not behind, but if I take CECS, I'll be behind. World knows I'm almost devoid of guts and confidence, so--gosh, I'm such a broken record so let me cut it short for you--the same as the premises of hundreds of emo entries I've typed up.

Ahh, I don't even have classes, yet merely accompanying my sister to school saps my energy away. This commute is absolutely horrendous. I need my sleep and bathroom time! And work time for next semester!

Today, I got to fix up Counterpoint's plot with my sis! Stupid plot point has been gotten rid of quite nicely. :) And then we somehow meandered into the treacherous realm of SEQUELS. Funny how things happen. I do have to tip my hat off to Agatha Christie for inspiration though. Simplicity works wonders in mystery!

Winnie the Pooh AND Keane? Sign me up!

You're wrenching my heartstrings, man!
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George Kamitani of Vanillaware interview.

Aaahh, this just reminds me how much I want our Yumble! to be successful. I've wanted SoG to become a super cool strategy game, but not as linear as most strategy games I've played and way better than Hoshigami in regards to that non-linear aspect.

this is really long sorry )

I have not gotten a reply from the person who can help me with my CS major switch. Ugh, I just hope I can do it. My math SAT scores are pretty awful, but but...a 4 on the AP Calc test should help, right??? S-SOBBB. I ONLY WISH I WAS SUPER BRIGHT TYPICAL ASIAN WORKAHOLIC ITALLMAKESSENSENOW FREAK UGGHH. I don't even get computer hardware or software that well. OTL whatdoyouMEANI'mignoringmyphilosohpyhomeworkandtest?!?!
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Headaches are back with a vengeance. UGH. And I wanted to update DT today, too. Also need to do at least five paragraphs of my final paper by this week. Hopefully it'll happen. In addition to that, my pre-freshman-orientation homework requires school specific questions.....meaning, I ought to change my major now before I proceed. Yeah.

Used a wrinkly blue towel for my I.D. photo backdrop and shopped it to look like a typical blue backdrop because I'm cool like dat. I hate my face, and I had to stare at it for this, ew.
Yeah, I've been keeping up with this even though I can barely read it. It still weirds me out how PRETTY it all is, shiny lips and all, but, hey, when I get better, I'm going to make OYAM PRETTY, too (and make myself puke in the process, but, you know, style for atmosphere and all) when I get better at art.

I like Narumi a lot though. Favorite character there, man. The silly spendthrift. But that aside, her art is really amazing (and super pretty, which still weirds me out), and the environments she draws are She also has a thing for dynamic angles and dynamic paneling, which are drawn well, too, but used well all the time, on the other hand though, hmm...not all the time. Can't say the flow is perfect (like I can talk, haha), and the purple later on is just a bit on the whoa-what side, but. Still. Psht, I'd buy it. :|b

Baccano! is soooo much better on DVD. A-and the dubs! D-d-d-d-dying. I wish there was a second season. :((( I love this series so hard.
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Doing all this gross political research crap for the elections. I...really don't like either governor. And finding a mostly unbiased summary of the propositions is difficult. I think I have most of my decisions down now, but, GOSH. Misleading terminology left and right. Let's hope the ballot's wording isn't going to make me forget my original decision. :/

Anti-viral biz!
More anti-viral biz!

Whether or not they'll totally work is a different story. But viruses have always been super pesky, so this should prove interesting! But viruses aren't all that bad. I heard that at Yale they engineered a virus to kill brain tumor tissues....don't know how well it worked (it's been a few years), but, y'know, SKYENZ!!!

Ok, yeah. Gotta vote now. :(b


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