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Zexal 40 was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time my heart is still aaaaaa

Ok, shh, me. ;u; It was really good though!
Arts and thumbnails and stuff )

I'm also going to be trying to apply for CS internships at Pixar and Google! >_<;;;; We'll...see what happens! *crosses fingers* They're both rightfully super picky about who they hire, so probably my chances are 0.00000000000001%, but........I need to try. I need to develop a backbone! I also think it's high-time I seriously considered getting a psychiatrist. Especially since I've technically paid for it with USC's mandatory fees.

....Speaking of backbone, I'll be getting my spine X-ray-ed tomorrow (finally). Then I have to wait for results, hahahahaha!
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Mmmm, driving test tomorrow, physics test on Thursday. ;__; So scared. At least there's AM^2 on Friday..?

Tests and junk means you get a destressor pic! )
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At least I'll have ONE print? :0

Finished--I think )
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Soooo AM^2 is in a week, and uh, I have nothing finished! \o/ Way to go, me!

So here's my trying to catch up with the PL3 print )
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First Livestream done!
To watch: Go here.

You'll probably want to skip around since the beginning is mostly nonsense and boring stuff. It isn't until Ria and Pompi forced me to do the background that I actually really started working. ;v;

To all who came, thank you! I feel vindicated by your existence. 8D
EDIT: Current progress shot and also dumb sprite continued )
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So I tried working on them prints.

I didn't get very far )

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But you know. ART. FANART. You know I'm psyched about something if I willingly draw fanart! More than once especially! ANYWAY. Shall we?

Oh, oh, aaaand, I have a preview image! Never done that before! I think.
Same warning: mild, mild spoilers for Unwound Future. Oh, but there's also some Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk fanart!
Maybe I can deduce my fist to your face. Bet that would shut you up. )

ALSO! The last post is still open if anyone still wants to request/ask me stuff! :Db
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HAHAHAHAAA. I finished PL3, too. :T What am I doiiiinggggg. My hate for slider puzzles has not diminished. I can't visualize to save my life. And yet I draw! Yeah, I never got it either. :I But I thought every puzzle has an answer? *punched*

So I drew something puny. Not really spoilery since it's all in the trailer, but a warning anyhow.
Mild mild spoilers for Professor Layton and the Unwound Future )

That's all, folks!
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(EDIT: Better quality and longer!)

The site: here!
Read a more coherent summary (with more info links!) right over here!

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT. With animated scenes, too! Eeeeeee~!

I'm still waiting for my AA5 (Apollooooo! TDT), but hoooly crap, I'd so get this. The MUSIC!!! Maya's holding onto Luke! ;v; PFFFFTTT, with both their weirdest nonsensical murders, this would SO WORRK. But dang it, Level-5! I'm going to get a 3DS all because of your dang LAYTON GAMES FFFFFFFF.

I doubt anyone remembers the super animu mystery crossover I wanted to make a couple of years ago. DANG, I got beat by the official dudes?!

My next homework assignment is to bash Freud. I think Freud's interesting, but I don't agree with him much. This paper actually...seems fun! Except I have worksheet questions to integrate into my paper somehow baaawww.
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yay two colors on white. )

Oh, oh. I just watched the PL3 trailer. I think they've got Yuri Lowenthal as Legal Luke. I was listening to him talk and all I could think of was......CORNELIUS IS THAT YOU? Hahahaha, I'm so excited for this game. 8DDD Level 5 sure likes to mess with time in their games. After Dark Cloud 2, I am fairly convinced that someone really likes Chrono Cross in that team.

And back to music because music (especially jazzy music) makes me happy.



Aug. 18th, 2010 07:41 pm
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I just watched Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride the whole time. It has the typical PL oddly contrived storyline, but it was such a fun movie to watch. I loved solving the puzzles they threw out (I DIDN'T GET THEM ALL OTL;) and they didn't feel out of place to me. Flawed? Absolutely. BUT I STILL LIKED IT SO WHO CARES. Oh. The ending got me. Dude. DUDE. DUUUUDE. D:

Oh, oh, and how could I forget. The music is absolutely gorgeous. From Dark Cloud 2 through the PL series, Nishiura's music has just gotten better and better. When I first started hearing electronic sounds I was a bit "Huh?" over it, but it did sound nice. Just not the usual music I'd expect from Layton. I did love the organ pieces though. The organ is such an under-loved (even though it's popular) instrument. :(

I hope it gets released here. I mean, Europe's getting it! But I also get this feeling that PL is a lot more popular in Europe. May have to settle on getting my hands on the European release. :/a Darn region limitations.

Ugghh, I'm still getting headaches daily, but I've been ignoring them for most of the summer. I mean, they're not terrible, but they're still an awful pain in the rump. Especially when you need to practice playing the violin which is an instrument that loves high wailing notes. And like to draw. And listen to musi--in other words, things I like to do are not good for headaches.

I'm preeeetty convinced that most of them are sinus headaches, so I cant' help but wonder if I am, in fact, allergic to something. I don't think so though. My ear got clogged up with crap one day, which I'm assuming was mucus, so obviously something's going on up there. Sometimes the headaches don't feel like sinus headaches though, so who knows. I really think it's my horrible sleeping schedule. I really want my insomnia gone already. Rolling around in bed for several hours only to have the sun come up what feels like minutes later is JUST NOT FUN. B( It should subside once fall fully kicks in. Unless college decides it needs to give me a good butt whooping. >_>

EDIT: Agh, now today's headache is just awful, so I took some tylenol. I have an online meet with a friend tonight, so I can't just ditch her. UGGHHH. HEEAD.
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Look at me fail at writing an essay on how I will positively impact the WORLD by going to this ONE COLLEGE. Especially since my mom insists I get help from my siblings. But she doesn't understand I find that degrading, so she is not at fault. Besides, I already did. They're not that helpful. Still. I am going to keep musing.

Now I haven't played all of the PL games, or read all of the Holmes or Lupin or even Kaito stories or played Umineko (and no one knows how it'll end) or read all of its manga, my understanding of P4 and Devil Summoner is based entirely on the few chunks I saw while my sister was playing, I only vaguely know the second Trace Memory's plot, we are all waiting for Hotel Dusk 2, I have only read Suiri no Kizuna of Spiral, had a cursory glance over Knox's and people's opinions and another set of rules as to what mysteries should be, so I am obviously missing a lot of info here.

But We're going to rant and act like We know things.
The point:
It looks like I really like BAD mysteries. I'm serious, too.

SPOILER WARNING: Skip this paragraph if you want to start off with a clean slate before jumping into the world of Layton. This paragraph doesn't have any plot spoilers. This is a vague outline of how I see the Layton games, which could give away what one would expect from the game.
Read more... )

SPOILER WARNING: There are Sherlock Holmes spoilers here. But I don't say which story, so read at your own risk.
Read more... )

SPOILER WARNING: This time Magic Kaito and some of his appearances in the Conan manga/anime, and Arsene Lupin, whom he was based on. These are mostly hints as to how they've pulled off their heists, and again, no telling which story is which.
Read more... )

SPOILER WARNING: Short Spiral Suiri no Kizuna dump here. No spoilers, just pointing out the BAD MYSTERY aspects of it.
Read more... )

SPOILER WARNING: Does this end? Anyway, here we go to the Ace Attorney games, Trace Memory, touch on Hotel Dusk, P4 and the newer Devil Summoners and some Umineko! All four. No big spoilers since I don't say which game or which case (for AA) or who does it but just certain techniques that the game employs.
Read more... )

...this is too disorganized and windbaggy to be called an essay, and too long to hold anyone's attention the whole way, I'd wager. I wrote this mainly because I am crossing over many fandoms (not books, unfortunately, though they'll help) into a biig mystery mashup to ensure plenty of chaos and logic NOT applying while applying at the same time! So it gets me rolling and thinking about it. It really will be chaotic, especially since these bad mysteries each have different rules I'll have to follow. In addition to that, the 1930s AU I'm still working on is a mystery (also a bad mystery according to those rules--I agree with some not all, in case you were wondering), but the player is expected to take the clues and figure things out. Aaaand beat people up in the way, and maybe puzzles, if it isn't too overstuffed by then. It'll be fun.

Longest line of tags I've ever seen.
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The workload I've had for the past two weeks (or was it three?) is really burning me out. I feel really nauseous now and have a really annoying headache. I dislike having three hours of sleep a night for a whole darn week. While the other problem is stressing me out, so is school. It's mostly school though. D: I hope I don't feel sick come tomorrow. Eck.

That aside, these are pretty awesome.
Set a definite date for the release of PL2 here already! It used to be December of last year then February, and now the end of this year?! T_T; MAKE UP YOUR MINDSSSS.

Also, Bokurano. ♥♥
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Drew out a few more comic pages. Now I'm up to 22! We finally get to see Hans start being mildly creepy.

If you want to see more severe creepy, you gotta wait a bit. He'll get there. 8D Not that anyone's really seen any of the comic as of now. orz

EDIT: *whines* PL3 gets released in Japan LIKE REALLY SOON. AGGH LEGAL LUKE. <333

I love how I haven't even TOUCHED my homework.


SOOO AWESOME. Although I laughed at Luke's first line. XDD
Happy Thanksgiving to you US peeps.
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First violin class tomorrow. TwT;; I'm scared witless, but I'm really excited. Whoo, basics!
In other news.

HAHAHA, LEGAL. YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT VOICE. Aaaaghck, the END. I BET THERE'S MUCH MORE TO THIS. AAAHHH, I want more Professor Layton. DDDDX *fangirls* I WANT TO SEE LAYTON EMO. I can't wait until they announce the date for the second one's release over here. =w=

There is news of a live-action (lol) and an animated movie for Professor Layton? 8DDDD
YEEEEESSSSSSS. *dances* It better not be like the crappy Xenosaga anime! D:
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No spoilers here, guaranteed. Unless you don't want to be spoiled on certain puzzle topics (it's not like I'm saying the puzzles themselves).

My de-stresser before I jump into the weekend. =w=;; Sadly, I've been abusing a bit too much...and....I finished it. I'm still missing three puzzles, and I need to finish the bonus ones. orz; SO. It was amazing and fun and cute and made me feel smart. |D; The math ones were all pretty simple...I don't know why people say those are the hard ones (they're even easy to guess at). I've had much harder times with the REST of the puzzles (maybe I'm just a logic-person who is somehow only decent at math). I would hate Luke's voice, but....uhm. He looks so cute, and the actress does have her cute moments every now and then (other times it's downright horrible). Layton, the same way I feel about Maka in Soul Eater...uhhh...his acting his off, but the voice is great. I loved the environment in Dark Cloud 2, and this game is kinda similar, but BETTER (I'm a sucker for mysteries even if they scare me). BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER (I THINK). MY SISTER IS GONNA GET MAD AT ME FOR BEATING IT BEFORE HER. I need a new de-stresser.
I want the sequel. TDT;
Still upset over doing work that isn't really mine and having a whole LOAD of crap to do this weekend. And English woes. WOE.
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I think I mentioned this game ages ago, but I'm happy it's coming over here. :D I'm surprised since Level-5 normally does games for Sony (Dark Cloud for example), but I don't mind at all! It sounds like the composer's the same as DC, too, and the voices are pretty good. Whee~ Will get after my long term project~ All my grades are now going down, but I've improved my writing a bit. But, my other grades...*mumble grumble pout* And I didn't make it into the play. I'm not surprised; I made waaay too many mistakes.

Whoo, Layton~


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