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2012-01-23 10:26 pm

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Zexal 40 was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time my heart is still aaaaaa

Ok, shh, me. ;u; It was really good though!
Arts and thumbnails and stuff )

I'm also going to be trying to apply for CS internships at Pixar and Google! >_<;;;; We'll...see what happens! *crosses fingers* They're both rightfully super picky about who they hire, so probably my chances are 0.00000000000001%, but........I need to try. I need to develop a backbone! I also think it's high-time I seriously considered getting a psychiatrist. Especially since I've technically paid for it with USC's mandatory fees.

....Speaking of backbone, I'll be getting my spine X-ray-ed tomorrow (finally). Then I have to wait for results, hahahahaha!
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2012-01-18 11:57 pm
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2012-01-18 12:19 am


Super duper stressed. What's new.
an image accompanies this post. what's new. )
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2012-01-16 05:51 pm

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YGO fanart first )
Dream Tower stuff or go here if you don't want to hear about YGO )

This new DT stuff was inspired by my new-found love for YGO, which greatly inspired me as a kid to delve into the world of dramatic stories! And, hey, DT plays like an awful SJ story anyway.
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2011-12-31 02:10 am
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arts and stuff )

Drawing mindlessly here. :V Pretending I know something about drawing figures, ha, ha, ha. I....really should draw real people one day. :S;;

Hope you guys are having a wonderful winter break/winter/string of holidays! ;u;
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2011-12-23 09:01 pm
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Apologies on the attempt physics post!

My last physics post was incorrect! Allow me to correct myself, for I have yet to truly become a nerd. :'( I can wish!

The weird feeling on roller coaster drops iiiis:
You are wearing a seat-belt on a drop. Your body does not get that. It still wants to move up in the same direction the track was going. It hasn't realized the car has dropped until the seat-belt starts to pull you down (so please wear those seat-belts). After that, your body gets the message and gets pulled down. But your guts haven't gotten that message! It moves up until it hits some wall in the top of your body. Theen it moves down.

So yes, the different accelerations in your body still apply, and that's why it feels weird. Here's the order:

1) The car moves down
2) You move down, due to the seat-belt pulling you down into the car.
-That is, you have normal force from the seat-belt pulling you down
3) Your guts move down.

So! You are accelerating downward more than normally: gravity's pull + the seat-belt's pull
And that is our simple physics of roller coaster drops, sans friction and air-resistance!

Thaat's short enough for physics, I think. Have a rough comic page: )

In the meantime, have a look at pretty sugar crystals!
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2011-12-19 01:42 am

(no subject)

I don't see myself touching up or adding to this any time in the near future, and if I do, I'd probably want to restart it instead. :V So! Posting current animation progress:

Done in EasyToon, drawn using a tablet. 367 total frames, moves at a rate of 10 frames/second.

Who knows! Maybe I'll actually finish a rough animation to show off my stories one day! But this winter break ain't when.
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2011-12-15 02:08 am

(no subject)

Animation attempt to celebrate end of finals. I guess:
EasyToon. )

This week I learned how to play Magic:The Gathering and got to nerd out on DnD with my nerdy friends. It was super awesome. And if there are Magic giveaways in future cons, I am getting them. *__*

I also have muro requests on dA open:
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2011-12-08 12:23 am

(no subject)

That stuff I've been drawing lately plus my singing slightly flat:
stuff )

Screw my calculus 3 and CS finals--is what I really want to say, but, geez, I really need to do well. 8(
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2011-12-05 01:22 am

Anime LA

I have a table at ALA. That's it. Everything else is here extra.
Here are the extras )

BotL should just be called the smarmy face series.
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2011-12-01 10:10 pm
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I want to finish tomorrow so I can finish this )

EE final tomorrow, not at all prepared. Hitting the sack to study tomorrow morning. At 4AM.
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2011-11-16 09:52 pm

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So much pent-up stress so have a pic ugh UGH UGH
That doesn't matter for right now. )

Love the chorus in this song.
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2011-11-13 05:29 pm

Continuing to the second day

Riiiight, um, Sera's second day one will be kind of hard because IT'S COMPLICATED. The 'romance' part of FC isn't too big of a deal, so it's convoluted due to purposeful ambiguity. So! Saving that for another day. Elga's is easier, and besides, lengthy enough on its own.

Previous things:
Meme listing
Elga Day 1

Day 2 - A Main protagonist’s love interest(s), their bio(s). )

That's it for the bio. For anyone interested in the relationship itself: )
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2011-11-12 01:29 am

Meme: Day 1

This meme:
And no one cares that it's actually DAY 13 HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *hackcoughguhaagh*

Day 1 - [Two] main protagonist[s], their bio[s]. )

Elga from BotL )

Sera, from FC )
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2011-10-25 11:55 pm

(no subject)

omg this semester suuuuckssssss
wibble wibble )
quickie before bed timez. free time is so hard to mine for.
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2011-10-18 11:41 pm

(no subject)

I actually prefer Allium's older design, but I keep forgetting what it looks like. D:

I want a break )
Still not sure about how they look in this style. I'm tweaking Drephion's design a bit, since he reminds me too much of Yorick and Venxild. :T Far from a refined pic (Drephion's lack of detail just looks odd), though I'd love to draw a refined pic, but midterms are gonna slap me in the face first, and then finals and final projects and such. This may have to count as my Halloween pic. D': *sniff*
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2011-10-12 12:43 am

(no subject)

I think this semester is bad, and next just looks worse. With the small comforts of having twoone good teachers. Perhaps I can actually learn in class next semester. :/

i miss drawiiing )
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2011-10-07 12:25 am
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Left wrist hurts like a dumbface probably due to coding and crap, so it gave me more incentive to not be productive. (I need to get slapped. HARD.)

If they made propaganda posters back in the day )