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I don't see myself touching up or adding to this any time in the near future, and if I do, I'd probably want to restart it instead. :V So! Posting current animation progress:

Done in EasyToon, drawn using a tablet. 367 total frames, moves at a rate of 10 frames/second.

Who knows! Maybe I'll actually finish a rough animation to show off my stories one day! But this winter break ain't when.
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Animation attempt to celebrate end of finals. I guess:
EasyToon. )

This week I learned how to play Magic:The Gathering and got to nerd out on DnD with my nerdy friends. It was super awesome. And if there are Magic giveaways in future cons, I am getting them. *__*

I also have muro requests on dA open:
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omg this semester suuuuckssssss
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quickie before bed timez. free time is so hard to mine for.
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I think this semester is bad, and next just looks worse. With the small comforts of having twoone good teachers. Perhaps I can actually learn in class next semester. :/

i miss drawiiing )
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A lot of people I know are in need of cheering up, and I needed some happy since this week/semester just sucks HARD, so! Have cheery things:

YouTube vid and artso )
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I want to be proud of something, too. :(

Have a pic in lieu of a rant )
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I need to get my butt into gear and pursue these opportunities that appear before me. I need to learn to look people in the eye and not flinch. I need to say what I mean, and even if I'm wrong, stand my ground. I have a large ego, on the opposite side of the spectrum we're used to referring to as the ego. I need to stop being afraid of myself.


So have Kind-of-Dusk again.
What kind of wall? )

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This is one of the catchiest and cheeriest songs I've ever heard.
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And so will next. Blargh.

Art farts )

I really need to sleep ,so I'll leave it at that. Ta-ta!


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:34 am
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Imma use the music rooms tomorrow to practice for my singing class! There's a piano there! EXCITIIIING! Except I chose the dumbest song because it's classical and hard to sing all because it was free. Meow.

.....And then after I will homework my rump off! Because HOLY CRAP this is going to be a rough semester. What was considered the final project from last semester is now considered a petty homework assignment, and due soon! So I'm going to be really busy. Milking this week for all it's worth, and then it's see you on the flipside!

Art dumps )

School is so tiring. And traffic is really awful to drive through!
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I want to draw so much because I have ideas, but they are not coming out right. So have rush versions of them:
Arts-os. )

I got tired of measuring out the tables for my site pixel by pixel, so yeah. Also I'm just being a stagnant twit so I needed to force myself to do stuff. That's it!
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Meow meow meow why you fail me me STRESS DEPRESSION ETC.

Have a trippy pic )
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IF preview-ish comic! )

Just need to let off some stress, and IF's my most optimistic story, so, there we go. It's been awhile since I've ever mentioned Riselle, but she's Dusk's older half-sister. ...And looks just like a genderbent Dusk here. XD
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Reading "Hark! A Vagrant" and this awesome bunch made me reread The Great Gatsby, which I've just finished. I love and hate that book all at once. On the one hand, it's beautifully written and expresses its characters and weaves in its metaphors so well, and on the other, the characters are absolute jerks and are so emotionally driven and frivolous it ticks me off...though I'm led to believe that's half the point. Beaton sums it up quite nicely! ...Nick and Gatsby should've gotten together instead or something. 8I;;;; Aaaaanyway.

Have a cloud of quickies and an indecipherable cloud of words describing each )
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So there was this old meme where you draw pics for each story and then write a synopsis. So. Like. That last post? HEY WHY NOT POST SOME SYNOPSES AND UNOFFICIALLY PAIR THE POSTS TOGETHER DERP.

Super busy and apparently wasting time is a good plan somehow TL;DR )
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And no it's not one you were looking forward too. D': Yeah, nothing dramatic. Well, at least to YOU.
Weeds in mah apartment building? TRIP MAN. )


Dec. 20th, 2010 02:19 am
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Original right after I said I didn't feel like them. Talk about fickle!
Read more... )

Aaaah, I heard three gunshots outside so I'm kinda spooked and not gonna type much. I'm ducked down so typing is difficult. Later! ;-;
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This ended up so much longer than it was supposed to be. The whole thing is different from expected. Oh well!

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