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Zexal 40 was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time my heart is still aaaaaa

Ok, shh, me. ;u; It was really good though!
Arts and thumbnails and stuff )

I'm also going to be trying to apply for CS internships at Pixar and Google! >_<;;;; We'll...see what happens! *crosses fingers* They're both rightfully super picky about who they hire, so probably my chances are 0.00000000000001%, but........I need to try. I need to develop a backbone! I also think it's high-time I seriously considered getting a psychiatrist. Especially since I've technically paid for it with USC's mandatory fees.

....Speaking of backbone, I'll be getting my spine X-ray-ed tomorrow (finally). Then I have to wait for results, hahahahaha!
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Layout update! As much as I love Robert Frost, it was time to let his poem go. :(
Now we have a fun word with a cute first syllable. Yeah.

I really wanted to make a random header image (the images are simple enough that it wouldn't over-energize the page), but I am not well versed at all in the ways of css and php and what-have-yous.

Oh, and guess what! I got rid of the banner ads also meaning I have less userpics to EXPRESS MYSELF, but dude, I can so deal with that. *cue withdrawal symptoms*

Red isn't really my color, but I love the simplicity of the layout, and it felt wrong to let go of the red. It gives it some pizazz, I guess, whatever that is.

Hahaha, Houshin Engi's anime is so bad, but the hilarious dub makes up for it. Oh gosh.
Clazziquai is an awesome group. The vocals. The instrumentation. Eeeee! ♥ Be still my heart!
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I did something to my stomach, but I'm still not sure what. Whatever it is, it's annoying. :I

So I have two volumes of Yokaiden I plowed through (I really want the rest!!!) by Nina Matsumoto, aka spacecoyote, aka the person who did the popular webcomic Saturnalia. I wasn't hooked by the first volume, but it was charming and good enough for me to continue, but, haha, the second ended in a cliffhanger and I'm totally pumped for the next!

I also have the third volume of tactics done by the much better translators at Tokyopop (as opposed to ADV, who couldn't even edit it well), and...well, it's nothing spectacular; I preferred the last two volumes in spite of the bad translation. Even still, I plan on continuing the series because Kantarou is just that cool. I seem to have a thing for the lazy tactician type characters. And after reading them and rereading chunks of Houshin Engi, I've realized that I tend to like series with youkai in it. Strange, considering I've never been a huge monster or horror fan, but...OH WELL.

And so I was inspired to pick up RO again (the free server since I'm a cheap-butt) because I am being mostly unproductive again and I feel semi-accomplished when I do something there. And I really like their monsters. AndsupersecretlyreallywantahumanoidpetthereeventhoughtamingisreallyhardAHEM. The cutesy and dark stuff there and the humongo world really gets to me in a good way, but argh, too much grinding and gold digging. I am not made for MMOs. orz;;;;

My life post-exciting things that happened to me. :S As much as I'd like to promise that CF starts this summer, no guarantees from me. But I'll do my best! And I'll get my fall semester down once I get my AP score to see if I'm going to retake a semester of calc. Wheee.
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Fujisaki Ryu fangirling ♥♥♥♥♥♥ )

And here's where I start to become a shameless plugger. Fujiryu fangirling aside, it has come to my attention that there's a studio who's WILLING to remake the Houshin Engi anime if and ONLY IF it gets 10,000 signatures. That old anime was...atrocious, to say the least, and also a good chunk of the reason why I dislike Studio Deen. XD;; Houshin Engi deserves so much more than that.

♥♥Right over here is a tutorial for how to sign it if you can't read Japanese. And right over here is the actual petition site.♥♥

March 31 is coming fast (and it'd be March 30th for us here on the North American continent), and, gosh, how absolutely shameless of me, but more signatures would be nice, just so it can reach 10,000 in time. Of course, I won't blame you if you don't. I know I don't like being asked to do these things and type in my e-mail address into a text box on some random site. I caved and signed though, since it's Houshin Engi. >_>;;

AND YOU KNOW WHAT. To serve as an excuse, as the founder (although I'm unfortunately inactive now, but the club's still chuggin'!) of the Houshin-Engi club on dA, I MAY AS WELL PROMOTE IT. S-s-s-oo...oo....theeerrre. I've been battling with myself whether or not to post this here for a long while now, but, you know what, I'm a fangirl and I am prone to being a brat at times, so HERE'S ONE OF THOSE TIMES. >:( ...oh, let me preserve my dignity at least a bit.

Houshin Engi's website right here if you want a glimpse at just. how. AWESOME it is. |DDD
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*hopples around*<3333

He likes to draw girls with pink hair nowadays, don't he? That short I saw on the Jump website had one, too. XDD Not to mention Dakki.

I love his coloring style. >_<;; Even though I can barely understand the Japanese in Houshin Engi, the covers are too pretty, so I bought some of the new ones. Aaah, they're expensive, but luckily they still seem intact on the Kinokuniya shelves so I'll collect them slowly! <33...I hope. Waq Waq will be my next target. *_*; And then I'll go after the English extremely fancy but expensive Del Rey stuffs~...or maybe Honey and Clover from Viz first, I don't know.

Houshin Engi is like the only manga I ever read twice. DD: Sure the beginning is slow and there are cliches, but I love Taikoubou too much. ._.; And I like how Fujiryu-sensei likes to kill off his own characters. 8D *smacked* I also liked Waq Waq, but the fanbase for that is puny. I also like his surprising plot twists in his short stories. HAHAHAHA. *thrown off a cliff*

Aah, horror. ._<; I wonder if I can take this one. x___x;;; I don't understand why I'm fangirling over a manga that I probably won't get to read in a million years though...
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Haha...hello again, Taikoubou. Our lazy Taikoubou summons everyone else to fight for him. I'm not too interested in the game, just Bou-chan. Evidently, Houshin Engi is coming to America. I wish Viz used the new covers, frankly, but oh well.

...I just had to post this. ^^;


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