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Upper back pains, shooting pains near my clavicle at random moments in time, prickly sensation over my upper back, loss of sensation in the middle of my back, whooooo! All this is geeeenerally focused on the left side of my body. The general sore pain in my back I'm fairly sure I can attribute to hauling around a heavy backpack over campus every school day.

The other symptoms have been there for months if not years, and I've just been ignoring it. It's only today that I said to myself, huh, isn't it bad to lose sensation near my spine? :V *looks stuff up* Clearly, I just wanted an excuse to procrastinate.

Loool, I think I did something to my spine. 8D Uups. OH WELL THIS CAN WAIT UNTIL AFTER FINALS! My nerves just have to man up for another three weeks. Two of those weeks won't consist of hauling textbooks to school! Probably. Hopefully won't require surgery, since those are expensiiive. I don't even know if I can meet with a doctor until next year anyway.


Aug. 25th, 2010 06:16 pm
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I finally got my hands on some metronidazole! They weren't the medicated foods, so it looks like I have to soak his food into the stuff first, and then treat the water itself (i.e. the parasites that come out through his feces into the water). So first aquarium salts, and then treat food, and then some time later, remove the carbon filters and add the tablet in. I'll probably have to put garlic on the food so its more appetizing, I guess. And apparently garlic is also good for the fish and slightly antibacterial (yay!)!

I feel awfully relieved having the medicine, but the battle's not over. I hope he still has his appetite, and I hope I won't make a mistake somewhere along the line. I do feel better now that I've found some. It has praziquantel, too! As an aside, THANK GOD FOR FISH FORUMS.

I went walking around my college campus (not my fall semester school), and it's so...posh. Apparently the engineering place isn't at all and is filled with smelly people. XDD Hahaha, I'll probably join them in that, LOOOLLL. SMELLY SLEEPLESS ENGINEERS PROGRAMMING LIFE AWAY (LITERALLY) AWWW YEAAAH. OMGGGGGIMMADIIEEE.

Off to dump some salt!
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Ha...hahaha, the more I read up on fish diseases the more scared I get. Yeah, yeah, he's just a fish, but, come on, eleven years? He's just so hardy, I don't want to see him succumb to a disease like this.

Research dump and worries )

He's just a fish, but I like him a lot. I cry when our fish die because they often do not die peacefully and I always feel so powerless. It's only half of his lifespan he's lived out, which is further than any of our other fish, and that fact just hits hard. I know it's silly, but I can't help it.

EDIT: For a happier note, this pleco is just adorable. And I love albino fish--they're so gosh darn cute! And to show just how big some species of these guys can get: HOT DIGGITY. I love seeing these guys suck on things all day (this isn't intended to sound dirty folks). They're just so cute. And they roll their eyes around (it looks like they're blinking) eeeeee~! They're a problem in the Philippines though, hahahaha. ;;;


Aug. 18th, 2010 07:41 pm
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I just watched Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride the whole time. It has the typical PL oddly contrived storyline, but it was such a fun movie to watch. I loved solving the puzzles they threw out (I DIDN'T GET THEM ALL OTL;) and they didn't feel out of place to me. Flawed? Absolutely. BUT I STILL LIKED IT SO WHO CARES. Oh. The ending got me. Dude. DUDE. DUUUUDE. D:

Oh, oh, and how could I forget. The music is absolutely gorgeous. From Dark Cloud 2 through the PL series, Nishiura's music has just gotten better and better. When I first started hearing electronic sounds I was a bit "Huh?" over it, but it did sound nice. Just not the usual music I'd expect from Layton. I did love the organ pieces though. The organ is such an under-loved (even though it's popular) instrument. :(

I hope it gets released here. I mean, Europe's getting it! But I also get this feeling that PL is a lot more popular in Europe. May have to settle on getting my hands on the European release. :/a Darn region limitations.

Ugghh, I'm still getting headaches daily, but I've been ignoring them for most of the summer. I mean, they're not terrible, but they're still an awful pain in the rump. Especially when you need to practice playing the violin which is an instrument that loves high wailing notes. And like to draw. And listen to musi--in other words, things I like to do are not good for headaches.

I'm preeeetty convinced that most of them are sinus headaches, so I cant' help but wonder if I am, in fact, allergic to something. I don't think so though. My ear got clogged up with crap one day, which I'm assuming was mucus, so obviously something's going on up there. Sometimes the headaches don't feel like sinus headaches though, so who knows. I really think it's my horrible sleeping schedule. I really want my insomnia gone already. Rolling around in bed for several hours only to have the sun come up what feels like minutes later is JUST NOT FUN. B( It should subside once fall fully kicks in. Unless college decides it needs to give me a good butt whooping. >_>

EDIT: Agh, now today's headache is just awful, so I took some tylenol. I have an online meet with a friend tonight, so I can't just ditch her. UGGHHH. HEEAD.
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I have a nasty problem in a nasty place, and it is gross. Gross enough that I won't elaborate even though I usually do. For all I know it's a spider/bug bite. It sure acts like one. But. Dude. Why there?

It is painful and impairs my ability to walk properly. It can't avoid getting irritated though so I really don't know what to do about it. I've tried painful solution A. It didn't work. Pain from painful solution A is still ongoing. Hnnngggg.

Ten times more painful solution B is...still under consideration. It will kind of be like self surgery by that point.
Way to bring in the New Year!

Get better at calculus and math in general
Get better at drawing
Get CF DOWN already!
Keep working on future games
Keep reading more books
Become a better writer so as to survive my future two English classes write fun things
Not die (this is a given)
Be better at socializing

I am an 'in pain' sack. )
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Is it the temperature or what? PMDD should be way over by now! Or at least, it shouldn't come back! My dreams have been really messed up lately, and my emotional and mental state has been fluctuating like crazy. Headaches are coming back again, body pains, as always, insomnia's kicked back in again--CELLS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. GET IT RIGHT ALREADY. D8

Physical exercise is supposed to be a good stress reliever, right? Take the crap outta ya? It makes me feel worse. All the time. D': Stop being so nonconformist, brain.

Played RO, hoping it'd calm me down, but I actually got really irritated 'cause the monster just would not turn into an egg for me and those tames are dang hard to get. XD; I'm...pretty vain, I know. Also played FFT (I'm such a job/class twit) and moved on a bit, but then I stopped because I really didn't feel like training. Still need to get Zodiac for my summoner.

I have lots of ideas for MBF, but I just don't have the energy right now. I feel like I make too many characters for that thing though. D:
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Since I have time to (although I was planning to study for A.P. exams and finals today), I did more research on hearing loss.
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I think I'm getting sick.

Flower is a great game. Very pretty and romantic. I want more.
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I love that whenever I actually want to work on my webcomic, school decides, "Hey, we'd better start piling work on them students we've got!" Thanks. A part of me wants to work on shorts for Sera's second half of the story. Yeah, I'll probably do some second half stuff along with the first half, when I finally start the first half. As of now, her past has a lot of holes in it, but the second half has none since this half has a pretty simple plot. Most of me wants to get a move on on Centrifugal Force since I haven't even gotten into the middle yet. I kinda rushed through the exposition into the praxis, so a lot of people will be going "BWUH?" at the first chapter. Have fun hanging there. I'll have a lot of rising actions before the climax though! Hopefully those will help fill in what I forgot to mention at the beginning. Pfft, I'm only loosely following dramatic structure. I kinda need it since I'm not that good at just improvising like other people.

My stomach and digestive tracts have been hating me for awhile. I'm expecting those conditions (surprisingly not the most common one), nicely worded with help from the Greek word meaning "to flow," to start appearing. Maybe some funny microorganism has been living among the others down there and messing things up. It wouldn't be the first time. TT;
keyk: (AAH!!!  MY BRAINZ!!) teacher had us make random moves in the saggital, horizontal (she spells this wrong so much, it's really funny XD), and lateral planes. So I had a crab move, random flapping movements, etc. etc. Then she told us that we had to make it into a dance, or a phrase; it must have a beginning, middle, and end, like a phrase, and it must flow well.

I had no idea how to just take the movements and modify it to make it flow. So I turned to my best friend, STORIES. I decided to tell a story for the dances (I have 2 periods of the same class, so I had two sets of funky movements) instead of just making a dance because it looks right. I...

HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THAT SHE WOULD LIKE IT. AS A NOTE I THINK THE ART DEPARTMENT IS AMAZING. BUT. I really didn't think mine was so easy to see. ;___; It....scares me. And when I get scared, I get watery eyed. XDD;;;; Then she started telling me that this was a sign of ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT.


We also started doing half turns, and even with spotting, I became extremely dizzy. I was dizzy during 2nd period's dance because o that. @_@; I'm still dizzy, and we know I'm being smart by reading and messing with the computer. My teacher asked me if I might be anemic.

.....Well, the thought crossed my mind, but I never--
WAIT I WAS REALLY STRESSED OUT DURING THE LATTER HALF OF MY SOPHOMORE YEAR AND I HAD ALL THESE LIGHT HEADED, I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR SOME REASON days....the blood test was before that, so those results are probably inaccurate by now. It was pre- I'M FAAAILING *EMOs*............And you know you'll see them again during the next school year.

Could I be anemic...? :/ Or...well, I did lose a bit of blood yesterday (not saying why cause it's pretty gross and internal), but that that doesn't apply to all the other days we started turning. I mean, I've had symptoms of anemia before, but they eventually faded away, but came back again during extreme stress periods. My parents always blamed it on my eating habits (I oversleep, but I eat just fine!). I think it's really bad, but sometimes I just can't trust my parents' diagnoses. HAHA. I have such a messed up body.

H-how am I supposed to catch up on AX stuff when I'm always so dizzy and nauseous? DX


Sep. 11th, 2007 08:19 pm
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,I dislike having so many quizzes and tests around the same time and on the same days.  I have a play audition on Thursday, which'll take awhile and I have a 600 page reading assignment soon.  I'm not very fast at reading and taking in information, so I 'm going to have a really crowded schedule.  I barely slipped the Chem quiz with an was originally 83% until she added a point to all of ours. x_x; I have a test tomorrow for that though, and I downright hate measuring.  I love how there are tests right after quizzes.  I'm not fond of mass subject studying. DX  Not to mention the other homework I'm still given.  I also have to memorize a rather long monologue made by my classmate; I have to act as her.  My only problem is the memorizing part.

I feel like my schedule's really crammed.  I still have this really big long term project, too.  Never had one of those before.  I need to cut down on my free time. =3=

My health problems get worse and worse.  My feet seem to have been bitten by a bug except it was bitten multiple times.  It stings to walk anywhere.  And the older problems.  Yeeep, I'm a happy camper.

EDIT: The amount of cuts I get just by sticking my hand into my backpack is amazing.  I bet I'll be used to getting paper cuts by the end of this year. XDD;;  People's jokes about my bleeding hands are funny.
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To the ew of health problems )
....WHAT'S UP WITH ATLUS AND IT'S FANCY LIMITED STUFF?! Growlanser V has soo much stuff it in. x_X; STOP IT ATLUS! Just because you release not so very popular titles here doesn't mean... *searches her wallet*

Ew, shots.

Aug. 21st, 2007 11:48 pm
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D: I still hate them. The TB shot hurts a looot more than I remember. Heck, I think it hurt more than the tetanus shot. x_X; I was about to get this HPV shot and stuff, but I'm not sexually active, never plan to be and hope I'm not forced to, and I don't want those side effects or the doses. There's only four strains in there out of the over 100 strains of that virus anyway. Get some more, and maybe I'll think about it.

I told the guy about my hemorrhoids, ew and if it doesn't get any smaller after the treatment, I'm going to have scalpels and surgeons and such up my butt. Gee, I'm so excited. x__X;;; Pleasegetsmallerpleasegetsmallerpleeeassee. DX Or at least postpone the surgery to summer! I don't have time for surgery this year! I had a headache after awhile (never had these after a shot before), and a lot of time used up getting supplies and books(stupid nit-picky teachers), and then homework.

I didn't even get time to work on my essay! Not to mention all of the quizzes and tests this week. x____x;; I got chem notes and math done as well as some silly Spanish homework, but time flies! It's already, what, 12:00?

So much for managing time this year for once. I feel like puking. This year will be the death of me. Geez, I'm stressed. No wonder I have so many bodily problems. If I didn't have to take English classes, I'd be happy. Heck, if I didn't have math either, I'd be happy. But without these classes, gosh, where the heck would I end up in life? Acting and science both require skill in these subjects. :/

I foresee incoming whining this year. You have been warned.


Jul. 18th, 2007 07:57 pm
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DX So calcium makes one of my problems worse, but I kind of need it. D: I'm among the weakest people I know. DD: I can't drink too much tea since it has caffeine. My mom doesn't believe I have this problem because I'm too young, so she says. I've also formed another problem around the same area except I don't know where it came from or what it is. It's either some irritated area or it's some viral infection.

Kerbleeegh. My head hasn't been happy lately. ^^;

EDIT: Duuurr....what? XD;;
GGII Overture?

Uhhh...I'm not sure what to think of this. And, and...that blonde guy is really scary. DX If that's Ky, I'm going to cry. He doesn't have the same dorkiness Ky has. DX Apparently his name is Sin, but uhh... The art in the bottom right corner reminds me of the poses I see in N1 arts, but maybe it's just me. >>; I suppose the concept is somewhat interesting, but uhh...

Does that mean no more multi-player fighting? o_o And....Xbox?
D: Duuuuhhrrr...I wonder if older characters will show up, but I don't know where in the story this is. X_x; At least there's finally a story again, but I could care less for Sol.
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I had never noticed this before...but according to good ol' wikipedia at (haha...yeah, I can't use HTML for life. :D;;), I get migraines.xD;

Not painful ones...I only got that like...once.^^;; But the visual aura thing...yeah, I get that a lot.^^; And then I feel dizzy, but it goes away after I stay still for a while...usually crouched down on the ground.^^;

Whee...xD; Just thinking about migraines make my head hurt somehow...
or maybe it's just the list of presidents screaming at me to make me memorize them.>_>;

In other news, I have gotten Radiata Stories!:D

It's so cute~...xD Bug-eyes...OoO

In this cut is a bunch of religious and other ranting.:D; I tell you, I can't use HTML very well!xD;;
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Oh...hey, it's almost 11...

The presidents!O__O *runs away to memorize*

I need to comment on people's stuff more...>_>; I'm really dead in the online world now..^^;;;;


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