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This meme:
And no one cares that it's actually DAY 13 HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *hackcoughguhaagh*

Day 1 - [Two] main protagonist[s], their bio[s]. )

Elga from BotL )

Sera, from FC )
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I think this semester is bad, and next just looks worse. With the small comforts of having twoone good teachers. Perhaps I can actually learn in class next semester. :/

i miss drawiiing )
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I want to draw so much because I have ideas, but they are not coming out right. So have rush versions of them:
Arts-os. )

I got tired of measuring out the tables for my site pixel by pixel, so yeah. Also I'm just being a stagnant twit so I needed to force myself to do stuff. That's it!
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So I am leaving Kieden's personality much the same as before. He is (was) a highschooler, so he is allowed to think too much! Rusty is slightly older and is too embarrassed to think as much as Kieden. Yes, I am holding out on offering too much background information, but I have left hints (in which I pretend I am a good writer who knows how to drop hints)! Fragmented timelines are fun. :>

LJ is being a butt, so rant from the first post here:
FC's an episodic anthology type story, and I've written a couple of shorts. I-I guess I can share them here? It'll be a mess of different media--comic pages to children's book pages to just plain drabbles. I'll probably make a Blogspot for it or something OR CODE MY OWN (if I ever find a server to leech off of). Welp, I LIKE TO PRETEND I CAN ACTUALLY WRITE. 8Db


Rustel: Unpleasantries )

Kieden: Travel worn )
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I'm writing a lot instead. I'm thinking about starting False Cycle--maybe.


Kieden: Breaking shoes in )

Rustel: Sometimes, I fancy stories reach you also )
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Reading "Hark! A Vagrant" and this awesome bunch made me reread The Great Gatsby, which I've just finished. I love and hate that book all at once. On the one hand, it's beautifully written and expresses its characters and weaves in its metaphors so well, and on the other, the characters are absolute jerks and are so emotionally driven and frivolous it ticks me off...though I'm led to believe that's half the point. Beaton sums it up quite nicely! ...Nick and Gatsby should've gotten together instead or something. 8I;;;; Aaaaanyway.

Have a cloud of quickies and an indecipherable cloud of words describing each )
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So there was this old meme where you draw pics for each story and then write a synopsis. So. Like. That last post? HEY WHY NOT POST SOME SYNOPSES AND UNOFFICIALLY PAIR THE POSTS TOGETHER DERP.

Super busy and apparently wasting time is a good plan somehow TL;DR )
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So funny story. I brought my laptop to school for the first time to review my programs for my CS midterm. Now, my programs are stored on the UNIX server, so I had to use the internet to access them. Apparently my school's internet is a butt to people first coming in, so I wasn't able to get in until AFTER my midterm.

And the midterm itself? I'm so indifferent I can't even explain. I think I did well, but we all know how that phrase tends to backfire on us. I still have a hard time caring though.

While we were dillydallying after philosophy class (which is a pretty awesome class, I have to admit. I really like philosophy!) my friend wanted to draw. And since I had brought my laptop with me, I thought, what the hey! Why not!

It's the first time I've drawn with a mouse in several years. It's extremely simplistic in part because I had a mouse and in part because my friend wanted to see how I color, so I did the line art as quickly as I could. Even though I don't really know how to use SAI...especially to make awesome colors. I don't get how others do it. :| The pic's unfinished, if we're comparing it with my vision, but I'm totally fine with it this way.

Letting go )
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And I have class at 8, meaning I have to leave by 6:20 meaning I have to wake up earlier. :|

A telegram for... )

Night, folks!
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Edited my singing again, prioritizing timing over pitch! :Ob Yeah. Ok. That's not the point of this post. The lyrics of the song mean a lot to me though. |D

I drew! Brute forcing the art block! Actually, it's more let's NOT study for finals or edit my paper s'more. So here it is.

Amid the smoke )

Block block block go awaaay. :((
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Uggh, Wednesdays. Meet with an advisor tomorrow. Hope major changing isn't going to eat me alive. Shinkendo for extra death. Etc. Did I tell you that people scare me? 'Cause they do. Yeah.

And with its usual accompaniment. )
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What started as a quick quickie turned into a mass amount of quickies and took me about an hour.

So many characterrss )

I was going to color it since it was supposed to be one or two characters, but I got carried away. And now it's 3:30 AM. I have class tomorrow.

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So let's start with PHINEAS AND FERB. I really, really like it. It's hilarious and doesn't use silly toilet-related jokes like other kiddie cartoons nowadays. A-and PERRY. I want one. Here are a couple of awesome vids, some in different languages because they sound cool. I never thought I'd watch the Disney Channel again.

"Backyard Beach" Castellano version.
Watched this in Spain. And yes, it convinced me to continue watching. orz;
"Busted" French version.
"Missing my Nemesis" Japanese version.
I find it hilarious that Kouki Miyata is Phineas. Which has nothing to do with the song, but I just thought I'd put it out there.
"Perry's theme"
"Come home, Perry"

Oh, and this episode is pretty hilarious:
Part 1
Part 2
So yeah, I'm very grown up. PEERRYYYYY.

This art is not as cool as PnF, but it's still goin' in here. )
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I think my innards have stopped acting up. It feels absolutely weird not being depressed 100% of the time. But it should be a good thing. I drew something to help me get over myself!

If you're happy and you know it, just smile honestly. )

And yes, I've left getting to messages on the back-burner. Will get to eventually. I really wish I knew how to sleep earlier, but no matter how tired I am, I just can't. go. to. sleep.
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Drew this silly little thing today.
Kieden hobbling around again )
I have had a stomachache since this morning (or this afternoon, should I say), and I'll probably have to talk to tired busy people again tomorrow. Jeepers. :/a

Ohh, yeeaah, I watched that one Magic Kaito episode (THERE WAS ONE AND NO ONE TOLD ME 8'(( ). And since I really like Kaito. HAHA. Yeep. Hope another'll pop out one day.


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