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YGO fanart first )
Dream Tower stuff or go here if you don't want to hear about YGO )

This new DT stuff was inspired by my new-found love for YGO, which greatly inspired me as a kid to delve into the world of dramatic stories! And, hey, DT plays like an awful SJ story anyway.
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My last physics post was incorrect! Allow me to correct myself, for I have yet to truly become a nerd. :'( I can wish!

The weird feeling on roller coaster drops iiiis:
You are wearing a seat-belt on a drop. Your body does not get that. It still wants to move up in the same direction the track was going. It hasn't realized the car has dropped until the seat-belt starts to pull you down (so please wear those seat-belts). After that, your body gets the message and gets pulled down. But your guts haven't gotten that message! It moves up until it hits some wall in the top of your body. Theen it moves down.

So yes, the different accelerations in your body still apply, and that's why it feels weird. Here's the order:

1) The car moves down
2) You move down, due to the seat-belt pulling you down into the car.
-That is, you have normal force from the seat-belt pulling you down
3) Your guts move down.

So! You are accelerating downward more than normally: gravity's pull + the seat-belt's pull
And that is our simple physics of roller coaster drops, sans friction and air-resistance!

Thaat's short enough for physics, I think. Have a rough comic page: )

In the meantime, have a look at pretty sugar crystals!
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No free time? Well, clearly, the answer is to sacrifice sleep.

So I did.

Splat splat colores )
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DT is still my venting comic, at the end of the day.
I didn't forget about DT. )
Also, there're new AC:R stuffs out and I want it but must resist for the duration of the next semester. Computer engineering phooey.
Embedded YouTube vids )

School starts Monday and I am freaking out like no tomorrow.
...This figure of speech is out to mock me, ugh.
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Because I totally can and yes I am totally Googling these )

That was fun--especially that last one, hahaha.
....I'm starting to regret not putting Nephelium here. TDT
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I put so much effort into this. )
Well, its birthday is technically the 19th, but whatever. Deal. I'm going to be busy doing work then so.
Rush draw of every character that's appeared so far. Yep.

You prolly don't want to listen to my rants about the news, but they're out in cyberspace somewhere and accessible if you really care that much about my two cents.
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I am blocking terribly, and Isaac totally doesn't fit my mood, but I haven't updated DT in awhile because I wasn't sure what character to add next. My sis requested Isaac since I'm gonna have to get him down right for Counterpoint.

I probably won't leave him in DT for too long (about as long as Nephelium probably) since he's not completely down yet. But here's three of Isaac's many personalities and one unhappy Dusk. I'll find a different sidekick for Dusk later.

heads because I can't and I'm too lazy to thumbnail today )
EDIT I need to rid myself of undue nervousness )

I think I'm ACTUALLY nervous for that exam and/or getting my paper back! My hands won't move right.
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Will get to messages some time soon. In the meantime:
It's at 21 pages now!

The template still needs to be played around with (like Mr. Random-Purple-Bar), but my sister is a dear and recycled her HTML made it for me. So no more posting webcomics here! Probably.

EDIT: I don't get my sister sometimes. She KEEPS FIXING IT. 8O
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Because DT still exists DAYSHU NOH. [4 pgs] )


Well, I promised myself to give DT a site once it reached 20 pages, and it did! But I'm too lazy to make the template and banner for SJ, so I'll post the link another day. Holy crap, it's school for my sis and one week until mine. HOSHIZ.
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Five more pages of DT )

I am aware of my messages! I will get to them!

Oh me.

Jul. 16th, 2010 05:46 pm
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I discovered today that I have absolutely no driving skill whatsoever. D8

S-s-s-so scary.... ;____; FEEL THE CAR FEEL THE CAR OTL HOOOOWWWW.
If you ever meet me on the road. I apologize in advance.

Oh, and who remembers Dream Tower? (4 pgs) )

DT will still be a 50% effort comic even if some pages are more than 50% effort...-ted. I use it when I want to draw and write characters that haven't appeared in a story yet or are in stories I haven't started but wish I could. Yep. DT is a whimsical comic. I've thumbnailed and started pages of CF, but I'm still not 100% sure how I'm tackling it art-wise (inking and coloring/toning--whatever I'm planning to do), so I'll abuse DT for experimentation purposes for now.
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I'm mostly caught up in calc, except the current lesson is stumping me, I just killed my feet attempting to wear heels which my school graduation requires I wear, and then I managed to draw two pages. I am so productive today. >_>; Well. At least I kind of was.' (pgs 6-7) )

There's a severe lack of toilet paper today guys. : | Next page will be SUDDEN TRANSITION or PROLONGED AWKWARDNESS. Whichever I feel like. I'm still gonna try to get CF started soon, but I just don't feel serious enough for I'll vent my non-seriousness and poke fun at CF here and hope CF turns out well when I do get it up!

Now I ought to finish this newly discovered homework DUE TOMORROW FFFFF. *chucks head out the window*
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All of them right here because I can. : |;; )
I like how the title is hiding.

Ahahaha, I've always wanted a 50% effort comic! 50% effort still means 1-2 hours per page though, uy. Slow me. Look at the coloring quality drop as we go! See Keyk cram as much text and exposition as she can into each page, ohohoho. Look at me get lazy in some panels! |DD;; And you'd think I'd at least try to make the paneling decent...well, except I actually did try AHAHAHAHA but oh man, it's so hard to reeaad. I wish Lucent wasn't so hard to draw!

This comic is somewhat based on this dream I had, but I'm filling in the gaps as I go. I plan on continuing it, but whether or not I will anytime soon is yet to be seen. >_>a;; Of course I'm doing this because I DO have better things to do, but who wants to do that?
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All my dreams seem to be about TOWERS lately. The pattern is getting pretty creepy. The towers tend to be very dungeon-esque, too, and I'm always inside either climbing up or trying to get the heck out. There was even the CF building/tower thing that turned into some corrupt government's office or something...and for some reason I was breaking in...and then running away from a bunch of sci-fi robot things (CF does not have robots. My brain just bastardized my own story. XD;) trying to kill me. And instead of a snowy mountain, it was set in a desert with starving kids outside.

Then it started to merge with my SoG and then MAGIC came into play and then all of a sudden the background started becoming more brown and woody and less gray. Then someone in ROBES decided to sacrifice himself and defect over to my side. Then there was this rift between two gods hanging out in the same room, but could only be accessible through MAGIC and depending on what MAGIC was used, you could meet one or the other. I think...the two *starving* kids from the *desert* who were messing with that magic entrance were Raine and Syl? I know for sure one of them was Raine, but the other, I don't remember so well... Oh, yeah, this whole thing was live-action. Yes, the kid had green hair and red eyes. SO WEIRD.

I get this strange feeling that IF started to come in...I think Dusk was accompanying me? Lucent? Or was Dusk in one of the offices writing his butt off? I DON'T KNOW. :|a Weird. I don't think WBS was there...well, unless the super-powerful government was from WBS. Iunno man. It had this atmosphere that reminded me of...The Minority Report? Not that that story had anything to do with this dream's. Anyway, it was weird. I can't believe I still remember this much about it.

My eyes are still red. It's been, what, more than two weeks by now? Sheesh.


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