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That stuff I've been drawing lately plus my singing slightly flat:
stuff )

Screw my calculus 3 and CS finals--is what I really want to say, but, geez, I really need to do well. 8(
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So there was this old meme where you draw pics for each story and then write a synopsis. So. Like. That last post? HEY WHY NOT POST SOME SYNOPSES AND UNOFFICIALLY PAIR THE POSTS TOGETHER DERP.

Super busy and apparently wasting time is a good plan somehow TL;DR )
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It looks my stories can be divided as follows:

Baptism of the Lost (most over dramatic title ever, formerly Shards of Glass): Medieval civilization, Shakespeare (DON'T LAUGH 8I)

Centrifugal Force: Science and psychology

False Cycle (formerly Winter Before Spring): Modern, postmodern literature/ war literature

Imagination Fall: Modern philosophy, some modern, postmodern literature

Tried Novelties (formerly Of Yours and Mine): Engineering, math, science, economics, fairytale, gothic literature

"The Vendor and the Runaway": Early 1900s Asian civilization, fairytale literature

Some of these combinations are just nuts. Like Tried Novelties. Just thought I'd put this together once I realized that Imagination Fall was morphing into a philosophy paper in comic form. Phenomenology! Imagination or truth! What death entails! METAPHYSICS. Blah blah blah. Well, you write what you like and I guess like too much. :|a This also means I have a looot of research ahead of me.

I could go into further detail of things I'm unabashedly plugging into my stories, but since the majority of these stories aren't fully fleshed out and are just skeleton frames atm, I probably shouldn't. Like BotL (lulz, BOTTLE--yes I chose that title partly for its acronym). You would laugh if I told you that I pulled stuff from the American government's structure and...well, I used it somewhere you probably wouldn't think to see it used. I THINK OUR GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS KINDA COOL OK.

And then my notes on my planned project itinerary! )


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