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A lot of people I know are in need of cheering up, and I needed some happy since this week/semester just sucks HARD, so! Have cheery things:

YouTube vid and artso )
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I want to be proud of something, too. :(

Have a pic in lieu of a rant )
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No free time? Well, clearly, the answer is to sacrifice sleep.

So I did.

Splat splat colores )
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I need to get my butt into gear and pursue these opportunities that appear before me. I need to learn to look people in the eye and not flinch. I need to say what I mean, and even if I'm wrong, stand my ground. I have a large ego, on the opposite side of the spectrum we're used to referring to as the ego. I need to stop being afraid of myself.


So have Kind-of-Dusk again.
What kind of wall? )

Super happy happy )
This is one of the catchiest and cheeriest songs I've ever heard.
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And so will next. Blargh.

Art farts )

I really need to sleep ,so I'll leave it at that. Ta-ta!


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:34 am
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Imma use the music rooms tomorrow to practice for my singing class! There's a piano there! EXCITIIIING! Except I chose the dumbest song because it's classical and hard to sing all because it was free. Meow.

.....And then after I will homework my rump off! Because HOLY CRAP this is going to be a rough semester. What was considered the final project from last semester is now considered a petty homework assignment, and due soon! So I'm going to be really busy. Milking this week for all it's worth, and then it's see you on the flipside!

Art dumps )

School is so tiring. And traffic is really awful to drive through!
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DT is still my venting comic, at the end of the day.
I didn't forget about DT. )
Also, there're new AC:R stuffs out and I want it but must resist for the duration of the next semester. Computer engineering phooey.
Embedded YouTube vids )

School starts Monday and I am freaking out like no tomorrow.
...This figure of speech is out to mock me, ugh.
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Worked on these until 5 AM because feeling like crap does that to you! Some lines here just bug me, but, whatever, I was sleep deprived.

Syluran and his drama (3 pgs) )
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really big duuump pic )
More style playing and usual dumping! I need to sleep earlier. They're not exactly aligned since I think one of the slices was Photobucket resized. Meh! Close enough.
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I don't like having guests over because my parents usually end up making fun of me during casual conversations, and I kind of don't want to talk to anyone because of it! Still gotta clean the house for them though (which is fine)! I wish I could look forward to their visit, though, because they're usually nice people, it's just. Haha. The usual. Ok, whatever.

So hey, I did some simple simple design stuff, see:

I don't get MC designs: young Elga )

The smell of chemical-y cleaners and the feel of dust in your throat lining. Eeck, cleaning. DX Website's on hold until I can figure out the problem with my desktop machine. Iiiiiiiiii'm mostly convinced it's the power supply. RAM and CPU have been pretty much ruled out, definitely not a virus, HOPEFULLY not the mobo, and it's not the hard drives either. If all goes well, a simple PSU replacement should fix it up. :> And then I can finally have my website up! For now, it'll be that fixed small size using static tables, but when I get better at coding stuff (like javascript or something), I'll have it adjust according to your window size!
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I want to draw so much because I have ideas, but they are not coming out right. So have rush versions of them:
Arts-os. )

I got tired of measuring out the tables for my site pixel by pixel, so yeah. Also I'm just being a stagnant twit so I needed to force myself to do stuff. That's it!
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So I tried to lay it out and ended up taking the few hours to draw that serious business looking Corey:
Attempt layout rough within )

Yes. I also need to be social tomorrow, so I probably shouldn't have slept so dang late, agh.

By the way if you do not read Sfeer Theory do it now because it just amazing. AMAZIIINGGGGG. I love how Luca narrates soo muuch! <33 HE IS SO UNRELIABLE AS A NARRATOR AND IT'S JUST SO CUTE.
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So I am leaving Kieden's personality much the same as before. He is (was) a highschooler, so he is allowed to think too much! Rusty is slightly older and is too embarrassed to think as much as Kieden. Yes, I am holding out on offering too much background information, but I have left hints (in which I pretend I am a good writer who knows how to drop hints)! Fragmented timelines are fun. :>

LJ is being a butt, so rant from the first post here:
FC's an episodic anthology type story, and I've written a couple of shorts. I-I guess I can share them here? It'll be a mess of different media--comic pages to children's book pages to just plain drabbles. I'll probably make a Blogspot for it or something OR CODE MY OWN (if I ever find a server to leech off of). Welp, I LIKE TO PRETEND I CAN ACTUALLY WRITE. 8Db


Rustel: Unpleasantries )

Kieden: Travel worn )
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I'm writing a lot instead. I'm thinking about starting False Cycle--maybe.


Kieden: Breaking shoes in )

Rustel: Sometimes, I fancy stories reach you also )
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Moooo. Have art and junk.

Aforementioned art and junk )

Also, the interview from AM^2 is up:

I haven't the guts to listen to it myself. |D If you want to hear me talk and giggle like an idiot, well, there it is!
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Colorful language, but does anyone really care about that anymore? :/a )

My sis and bro and I were coming up with potential cosplay ideas for me. There's Triela from Gunslinger Girl, Kurthnaga from FE9 and FE10 (even though FE10 really sucked, I still liked the Dragon people), Meliadoul and Olan (Orran) from FFT, Cecille from TotA, aaaand stuff! 8D I thought I had grown out of cosplaying, but my bro and sis have convinced me to get back into it. They're so obscure, I doubt I'd get stopped for photos much, so it's cool. 8D Another goal, I suppose!

Also, also my sis put up an AM^2 leftover sale for those who're interested:
You can see how Altair looks in charm form (can you tell that that was really the only thing I was proud of having up there sold?)! 8D

Cool muzik cover from FFT. B)
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Meow meow meow why you fail me me STRESS DEPRESSION ETC.

Have a trippy pic )


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