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omg this semester suuuuckssssss
wibble wibble )
quickie before bed timez. free time is so hard to mine for.
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I actually prefer Allium's older design, but I keep forgetting what it looks like. D:

I want a break )
Still not sure about how they look in this style. I'm tweaking Drephion's design a bit, since he reminds me too much of Yorick and Venxild. :T Far from a refined pic (Drephion's lack of detail just looks odd), though I'd love to draw a refined pic, but midterms are gonna slap me in the face first, and then finals and final projects and such. This may have to count as my Halloween pic. D': *sniff*
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I think this semester is bad, and next just looks worse. With the small comforts of having twoone good teachers. Perhaps I can actually learn in class next semester. :/

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Left wrist hurts like a dumbface probably due to coding and crap, so it gave me more incentive to not be productive. (I need to get slapped. HARD.)

If they made propaganda posters back in the day )
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A lot of people I know are in need of cheering up, and I needed some happy since this week/semester just sucks HARD, so! Have cheery things:

YouTube vid and artso )
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I want to be proud of something, too. :(

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No free time? Well, clearly, the answer is to sacrifice sleep.

So I did.

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I need to get my butt into gear and pursue these opportunities that appear before me. I need to learn to look people in the eye and not flinch. I need to say what I mean, and even if I'm wrong, stand my ground. I have a large ego, on the opposite side of the spectrum we're used to referring to as the ego. I need to stop being afraid of myself.


So have Kind-of-Dusk again.
What kind of wall? )

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This is one of the catchiest and cheeriest songs I've ever heard.
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And so will next. Blargh.

Art farts )

I really need to sleep ,so I'll leave it at that. Ta-ta!


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:34 am
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Imma use the music rooms tomorrow to practice for my singing class! There's a piano there! EXCITIIIING! Except I chose the dumbest song because it's classical and hard to sing all because it was free. Meow.

.....And then after I will homework my rump off! Because HOLY CRAP this is going to be a rough semester. What was considered the final project from last semester is now considered a petty homework assignment, and due soon! So I'm going to be really busy. Milking this week for all it's worth, and then it's see you on the flipside!

Art dumps )

School is so tiring. And traffic is really awful to drive through!
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DT is still my venting comic, at the end of the day.
I didn't forget about DT. )
Also, there're new AC:R stuffs out and I want it but must resist for the duration of the next semester. Computer engineering phooey.
Embedded YouTube vids )

School starts Monday and I am freaking out like no tomorrow.
...This figure of speech is out to mock me, ugh.
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Worked on these until 5 AM because feeling like crap does that to you! Some lines here just bug me, but, whatever, I was sleep deprived.

Syluran and his drama (3 pgs) )
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really big duuump pic )
More style playing and usual dumping! I need to sleep earlier. They're not exactly aligned since I think one of the slices was Photobucket resized. Meh! Close enough.
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I don't like having guests over because my parents usually end up making fun of me during casual conversations, and I kind of don't want to talk to anyone because of it! Still gotta clean the house for them though (which is fine)! I wish I could look forward to their visit, though, because they're usually nice people, it's just. Haha. The usual. Ok, whatever.

So hey, I did some simple simple design stuff, see:

I don't get MC designs: young Elga )

The smell of chemical-y cleaners and the feel of dust in your throat lining. Eeck, cleaning. DX Website's on hold until I can figure out the problem with my desktop machine. Iiiiiiiiii'm mostly convinced it's the power supply. RAM and CPU have been pretty much ruled out, definitely not a virus, HOPEFULLY not the mobo, and it's not the hard drives either. If all goes well, a simple PSU replacement should fix it up. :> And then I can finally have my website up! For now, it'll be that fixed small size using static tables, but when I get better at coding stuff (like javascript or something), I'll have it adjust according to your window size!
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I want to draw so much because I have ideas, but they are not coming out right. So have rush versions of them:
Arts-os. )

I got tired of measuring out the tables for my site pixel by pixel, so yeah. Also I'm just being a stagnant twit so I needed to force myself to do stuff. That's it!
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So I tried to lay it out and ended up taking the few hours to draw that serious business looking Corey:
Attempt layout rough within )

Yes. I also need to be social tomorrow, so I probably shouldn't have slept so dang late, agh.

By the way if you do not read Sfeer Theory do it now because it just amazing. AMAZIIINGGGGG. I love how Luca narrates soo muuch! <33 HE IS SO UNRELIABLE AS A NARRATOR AND IT'S JUST SO CUTE.
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So like I totally decorate my tests just to tick my teachers off.

Not entirely true but have a sample )
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Moooo. Have art and junk.

Aforementioned art and junk )

Also, the interview from AM^2 is up:

I haven't the guts to listen to it myself. |D If you want to hear me talk and giggle like an idiot, well, there it is!


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