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This meme:
And no one cares that it's actually DAY 13 HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *hackcoughguhaagh*

Day 1 - [Two] main protagonist[s], their bio[s]. )

Elga from BotL )

Sera, from FC )

Meme! Meme!

Nov. 7th, 2011 11:26 pm
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Some 30 day meme I will probably never finish on schedule um )
I want to do dis.
atm i got nothing two midterms on wed dude arrrrr :V
Attempt at merging synesthesia with studying is go )
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omg this semester suuuuckssssss
wibble wibble )
quickie before bed timez. free time is so hard to mine for.
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I actually prefer Allium's older design, but I keep forgetting what it looks like. D:

I want a break )
Still not sure about how they look in this style. I'm tweaking Drephion's design a bit, since he reminds me too much of Yorick and Venxild. :T Far from a refined pic (Drephion's lack of detail just looks odd), though I'd love to draw a refined pic, but midterms are gonna slap me in the face first, and then finals and final projects and such. This may have to count as my Halloween pic. D': *sniff*
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Just discovered that I actually have atrocious professors next semester except one! One! Weeeh. It's extremely daunting seeing I have less time next semester than I do now, and I'm already struggling, and the CS professor with his insane deadlines and workload is going to kill me. People who are taking 200 are dying with this professor, and so am I. It's like I'll only ever get a good CS professor in operating systems and die from the sheer difficulty of it, hahaha.

I've a midterm this week, two quizzes, and robo stuff. :D; Whiiiich I don't get, and I may let people down. :((((

By the way, machine code is really weird! I keep treating it like software, which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The whole mind the clock in machine code is so different from sequential software that it throws me off.

Watching Avatar. I really respect the people who made this. It's politics, war, death, and has such cool characters. The staff really did their research! So many Asian ideologies are mixed in from the Confucian family first ideals, to the overprotective Asian parents, to the super strict Asian parents expectations, to the complexes Asian kids of such parents often have--IT'S A VERY ASIAN SHOW and that's amazing. And it's a kid's show! Amazing. I still think the romance is misplaced though, hahaha. But the women are super awesome! It's a good show. I admire the witers!
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I think this semester is bad, and next just looks worse. With the small comforts of having twoone good teachers. Perhaps I can actually learn in class next semester. :/

i miss drawiiing )
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Left wrist hurts like a dumbface probably due to coding and crap, so it gave me more incentive to not be productive. (I need to get slapped. HARD.)

If they made propaganda posters back in the day )
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A lot of people I know are in need of cheering up, and I needed some happy since this week/semester just sucks HARD, so! Have cheery things:

YouTube vid and artso )
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I want to be proud of something, too. :(

Have a pic in lieu of a rant )
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No free time? Well, clearly, the answer is to sacrifice sleep.

So I did.

Splat splat colores )
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My app.................somehow got accepted. Now I'm a part of the robot society. What. What.

Oops. I'm. Kind of screwed now. Erp. Ahh. Aaah.



Hopefully it'll be cool.
Y'know. Maybe. Make some friends. And. Learn things. ;;;;;;;;;;

And. Not die. (/)~(\);;;;;
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I need to get my butt into gear and pursue these opportunities that appear before me. I need to learn to look people in the eye and not flinch. I need to say what I mean, and even if I'm wrong, stand my ground. I have a large ego, on the opposite side of the spectrum we're used to referring to as the ego. I need to stop being afraid of myself.


So have Kind-of-Dusk again.
What kind of wall? )

Super happy happy )
This is one of the catchiest and cheeriest songs I've ever heard.
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And so will next. Blargh.

Art farts )

I really need to sleep ,so I'll leave it at that. Ta-ta!
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I lost an eraser a friend gave me and a motivational pin with a shark on it this week. Now I need an eraser. :/ Kinda need it for math and junk. And I really miss that friend who gave it to me. In short: crappy week!

So have an unhappy song in which I sing with a bad mic, so I sound muffled and static-y in places. I am mostly on key, but on a couple of notes I'm off a bit. This is my more comfortable range, after all, so it's a little easier. But it is still low quality because I used a low quality mic!

Ashes of Dreams )

I really miss singing. ;-;


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:34 am
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Imma use the music rooms tomorrow to practice for my singing class! There's a piano there! EXCITIIIING! Except I chose the dumbest song because it's classical and hard to sing all because it was free. Meow.

.....And then after I will homework my rump off! Because HOLY CRAP this is going to be a rough semester. What was considered the final project from last semester is now considered a petty homework assignment, and due soon! So I'm going to be really busy. Milking this week for all it's worth, and then it's see you on the flipside!

Art dumps )

School is so tiring. And traffic is really awful to drive through!
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DT is still my venting comic, at the end of the day.
I didn't forget about DT. )
Also, there're new AC:R stuffs out and I want it but must resist for the duration of the next semester. Computer engineering phooey.
Embedded YouTube vids )

School starts Monday and I am freaking out like no tomorrow.
...This figure of speech is out to mock me, ugh.
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Worked on these until 5 AM because feeling like crap does that to you! Some lines here just bug me, but, whatever, I was sleep deprived.

Syluran and his drama (3 pgs) )
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Just came back from Las Vegas with my visiting relatives. School's in less than a week. The best part of Vegas is the gaudy interiors. I took pictures of the tiling, the random tacky ceilings, the carpets, modern art--yeah, it was great! I hate the smells though. And, I don't know why people think this place is sexy. I guess it's just how most people are/advertising. I miss the Coca-Cola tower though. It was full of fun soda fountains and cool stuff used to impress kids! Man, I used to love that place when I was younger. Vegas has nice interiors though! Will use for reference in my engineer-y story.

Website's probably not happening until much later! Which upsets me some, but, whatever. Dealing with it. I am now registered for a singing class this semester! I have missed singing in class so much I can't even. <3
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There's a lot of people out there who demean theoretical physics and quantum physics as unrealistic and stupid. Like, how can the imaginary number 'i' ([(-1)^(1/2)]) be used in equations meant to explain the universe? Or how does the existence of parallel universes make any sense whatsoever? Teleportation, wormholes, warp systems, pinpointing the characteristics of light--a lot of people think it's garbage.

I don't. In fact, I enjoy this sort of discourse, even though I barely understand a word of it. Why use 'i'? Because it works. Math isn't something naturally made--rather, it's man-made: it's a language used to explain the universe as accurately as we know how. Just as writers and artists use visuals and prose and poetry to explain the world, so do mathematicians and physicists, except they do it with more precision. They describe the world in ways don't rely on individual perceptions, but rather a universal perception. So let them play. Let them play with the math, let them find something meaningful. If writers can make meaningful things with mere words, then mathematicians can, too.

So let them have their fun, even if all of it isn't true to life. All of us are artists, and art has been known to open our eyes to new ideas. Math and physics is just another art form--just closer to a reality that is real to all of us.


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