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I got a simple multithreaded program to work, with one working on a repeat timer and the other in a permanent while loop that accepts input via the stupid console (which you generally don't use in java!). It's an accomplishment, at least! Means I have some idea of how I'm going to design this. So have SoaLS stuff, a project I worked on during winter break and worked a little bit on the script this semester.

I was asked to do the sprites for the kedama and the two fairies. I also have to do the King Kedama or something like that and make a humongous fuzzball as well. XD;;; Aaaaafter the semester's over.

I also edit his scripts and make them a little more flowy and distinguishing the characters (for which I had to bother my bro, since I only have a very vague sense of the characters' personalities). But I'm not posting no script! JUST PLAY THE GAME!

The kedama monsters from Touhou. This is the battle sprite and its portrait! The fuzzballs speak! They're hilarious.

Then the fairies. Took forever to do, even though they're just five frames each, hahaha. XD;;;

I'm not in charge of the main character sprites since I'm really not good at this sprite business. XD; But here, showing off my work! Is where Fawkes shows off most of his gamedev outside of Twitter. :> Maybe one day I can join in the coding section! orz;
Is where you can download the mostly finished chapters. I don't think my graphics or script are in here yet but, hey! Pluggity-plug-plug!
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