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Yugi is adorable. I thought I'd gotten over Yu-Gi-Oh, but nooooope, I came back! And I still love Yugi and Yami-Yugi. I am a total, total dork. If I draw fanart of something, THAT MEANS SOMETHING. Could I defend the reasons I like the show? 8| This is my guilty pleasure.

I haven't seen GX or 5D's, but I saw a couple of episodes of 5D's and I....did not like the characters. Or their motorcycles. :( Zexal though. ZEXAL IS AWESOME. Zexal parallels a lot of the first series (which has Yugi in it), what with the two people one body, villain who likes his brother a lot, etc., but it has a main character who doesn't know what he's doing!

There's more room for growth with Yuma, the main character of Zexal, and he doesn't become a miracle-man post-transformation scene like Yugi does with Yami-Yugi. They also play by the game's ACTUAL rules without the random insert-bad-science-when-convenient Yugi's series suffered from. Also, the characters in Zexal are a biiit more realistic about friendship than Yugi's friends were, but it is still a show about ~*~*FRIENDSHIP*~*~!!! Note, it's a kid's shounen show, so there's lots of episodes that don't really further the plot. I love it for that though. And I adore the story episodes when they come up (YES, even the Super saiyan part. Bite me)! I'm long over the outrageous hairstyles.

So up there's Astral (the guy who parallels Yami-Yugi for Yuma) and Yugi!
As a side note, I would so get this and it would make me facepalm every time I see it (it is also very expensive). YGO is really rather silly, but I LIKE IT! And other people do, too! I mean, there are figurines of the GUY CHARACTERS! That rarely happens!

I've decided that DT will now have a loose semblance of plot, and will now contain DT exclusive characters! ..........Well, with a twist. The new characters will be prototype characters of my current characters, and maybe a few characters I trashed entirely. :>

The prototype characters will retain their prototype-story backgrounds, with a few changes to them, such as adding elements from other prototype stories to them. Their names will be different from their current versions to avoid confusion. Dusk is an especially fun one, since his prototype character spawned about three of my current characters. XD It's almost a rule you can follow! If the character is blond, chances are, he was based off of the old Dusk.

So these are now my villain characters. Characters who don't have prototype characters (yet) will still play a role in DT, and, well............DT will remain a garbled mess and full of inane shenanigans! And prototype character wars. This story is so meta u gaiz.

This new DT stuff was inspired by my new-found love for YGO, which greatly inspired me as a kid to delve into the world of dramatic stories! And, hey, DT plays like an awful SJ story anyway.


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