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I am clearly so awesome right now. Ha. Ha. Ha.

After that commission I got at ALA of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I watched some eps, and then
into Yu-Gi-Oh!

8D IT IS SO FLAWED BUT OMG. Their fingers are beautiful, their hair an insane mess of product and multi-polarized keratin, their fashion sense to cry painfully over BUT IT'S AMAZING. It is so flawed and logically UNsound, but my childhood man. ;-; The cards on motorcycles and whatever happened before that one isn't part of my childhood.

You might not recognize Astral in the top left though. He's in the newest series, Zexal! And he's adorable and about to die every freaking episode it's amazing. Weirdly enough, the newest series is a little better with its logic (even though cards are still the answer to life and everything else) and actually sticks to game rules! And. I love the main characters' interaction with each other. It just bleeds childhood Saturday cartoons.

I am planning to watch it on Saturday. *_* Zexal is amaziiiiing.
I want to learn how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! because of it. NO LIE.

Just to drive the point home:

Warning: incredibly obnoxious sounds and dramatic arm movements videos to Touhou music. 8D IT'S CLEARLY A SPECTACULAR SHOW.

And have Zexal's 2nd opening and the English opening for the first series for good measure. You can watch Zexal subbed here(ta-da!), and dubbed at 4kids.
I also highly recommend YGO! the Abridged.
I also have a dreamwidth now, under the same name as this one. :U


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