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My last physics post was incorrect! Allow me to correct myself, for I have yet to truly become a nerd. :'( I can wish!

The weird feeling on roller coaster drops iiiis:
You are wearing a seat-belt on a drop. Your body does not get that. It still wants to move up in the same direction the track was going. It hasn't realized the car has dropped until the seat-belt starts to pull you down (so please wear those seat-belts). After that, your body gets the message and gets pulled down. But your guts haven't gotten that message! It moves up until it hits some wall in the top of your body. Theen it moves down.

So yes, the different accelerations in your body still apply, and that's why it feels weird. Here's the order:

1) The car moves down
2) You move down, due to the seat-belt pulling you down into the car.
-That is, you have normal force from the seat-belt pulling you down
3) Your guts move down.

So! You are accelerating downward more than normally: gravity's pull + the seat-belt's pull
And that is our simple physics of roller coaster drops, sans friction and air-resistance!

Dream Tower, the super-lazy-I-don't-really-need-to-exert-effort comic! :> I totally let the designs change every page. I'm great.

EDIT: The wordless version.

In the meantime, have a look at pretty sugar crystals!


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