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Not really nsfw since they haven't even done anything yet. It's mostly a joke. That only I'd laugh at.

Hahaha. Ha. Well. The two do canonically have sexy times, but. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY? WHO ME? At least I can't take the relationship seriously publicly. B) So YEAH. There's that one prompt in that meme I still need to finish about characters' first romantic experience/sexual encounter and I'm all. ......HUH. WHAT DO. :V DRAW? WRITE? MYURR?

.....This is seriously like the only couple of mine I can draw like this. It's like all my other romantic relationships are just too abnormal and or boring for posting. 8V This is so far the only story where romance and courting takes a chunk of the story, so that might be why. This is why you don't let asexuals write romances.....but it's a lot of fun so I do anyway.

Date: 2011-12-16 09:19 pm (UTC)
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LOL aw yea sexy times. %D;


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