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Animation attempt to celebrate end of finals. I guess:

Hahaha. I got tired after the simple head rotation on Zarenth and just spammed hair wind effect. I'm cool. So currently CF and IF only appear in this showcase WIP...if not forever. :V If I was really cool, I'd have those toned out backgrounds and splodeys and stuff. But I'm not. Total 148 frames.....10 fps. Which is super lame. OTL;;; Speed substitutes for smooth animation, l-lol.

Anyone remember my last ET animation? When IF was still called Oblivion's Reprise. This Dusk doesn't even apply anymore. XD

New tag! I'm too lazy to dig out every animation I did ever since I did most of them in middle school, so I'll only tag the recent ones. The rest? At dA, if you're interested.

This week I learned how to play Magic:The Gathering and got to nerd out on DnD with my nerdy friends. It was super awesome. And if there are Magic giveaways in future cons, I am getting them. *__*

I also have muro requests on dA open:
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