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That stuff I've been drawing lately plus my singing slightly flat:

"When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt refrain covered by me. Apparently I have a pretty sensitive ear, so while I'm pretty dang close to pitch most of the time, I do go flat. It's most obvious at the end. Apologies for the machine gun vibrato. I plan on singing this though! My mic is jacking up and skipping for some reason, so no, that's not my editing my voice. This is pretty raw except for the usual amplification I have to do since my mic is cheap and weak, and even then, it's still pretty quiet. Super rough, but still more on key than my early singing attempts.

The family from "A Story Mistold". It is to be a creepy story that requires reading into it and figuring out the characters' motivations and emotions to really understand it. The blurry faces are there to reinforce that. Yes, it is a horror story, and surface reading it isn't enough. I'm sticking to this style for it or something similar.

Syluran being angry again. I'm pretending to understand foreshortening here. I just wanted to draw something different.

The scholar from that WIP I showed you. Plus his wife. His wife is a poet and also a traveling scholar thanks to him. They are dumb romantics into the whole love poetry thing, yes they are. She doesn't usually show her hair, but since she's alone with her husband though, she thought it'd be nice to let it down. Their designs are very simple at the moment and will be finalized another day.

Screw my calculus 3 and CS finals--is what I really want to say, but, geez, I really need to do well. 8(
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