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Dec. 5th, 2011 01:22 am
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I have a table at ALA. That's it. Everything else is here extra.

So I like Shakespeare let me kill some of the monologues for you.
Dude, maybe I should just kill myself man from "Hamlet"

Beatrice is actually pretty hot come to think of it from "Much Ado About Nothing"

HAHAHA, I can do better, but what, I felt like it and didn't feel like perfecting it yup.
Oh, have a pic, too:

Goland at the top left, two times more Yorick than you'd ever want, then Semni and Elga being weirdly romantic as always, then itty-angry Syluran in the middle, and lastly it's Mr. Scholar who is mysterious and super cheery and is too awesome for most people and apparently married. Mr. Scholar has more political power than he would care for you to know. Yarp.

BotL should just be called the smarmy face series.
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