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Upper back pains, shooting pains near my clavicle at random moments in time, prickly sensation over my upper back, loss of sensation in the middle of my back, whooooo! All this is geeeenerally focused on the left side of my body. The general sore pain in my back I'm fairly sure I can attribute to hauling around a heavy backpack over campus every school day.

The other symptoms have been there for months if not years, and I've just been ignoring it. It's only today that I said to myself, huh, isn't it bad to lose sensation near my spine? :V *looks stuff up* Clearly, I just wanted an excuse to procrastinate.

Loool, I think I did something to my spine. 8D Uups. OH WELL THIS CAN WAIT UNTIL AFTER FINALS! My nerves just have to man up for another three weeks. Two of those weeks won't consist of hauling textbooks to school! Probably. Hopefully won't require surgery, since those are expensiiive. I don't even know if I can meet with a doctor until next year anyway.
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