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Sera's is long because we have two people here. :V And 'sides, I'm combining two days for her here.

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Sera Day 1

Kieden to her left, Sera in the middle, Rustel to her right. Oh, no, a love triangle?!

Nnnnnnnnnnnnn--no. Not at all. It's a no-conflict best friend triangle, more like, if even. Best friends and love interests are mutually inclusive in Sera's case (hence the merge between Day 2 and Day 3)! Kieden and Rustel never meet (except maybe for a few stories, but not for any long stretches of time), and Sera isn't even much of a love interest for either of them. If we put the two 'romances' on a scale though, it'd lean toward the side with Rusty.

But since Rusty's is (maybe) more interesting (or at least I set it up to sound more interesting), let's go to Kieden. Kieden is an immigrant (complete with mandatory memory wipe). He used to live in a place akin to 1960's Vietnam. When he was about 5, he came with his mother to a much more modern and advanced country one Moving Day, and the two rented out a plot of land in the suburbs from a kindly farmer. Every day, Kieden commutes to school on a bus, then a train directly to school (it is a fancy, prestigious modern school), which is where he befriends the eccentric Sera. Kieden struggles in school, but he works hard enough to keep himself at least somewhat above the average student.

The invading troops reach Kieden's home while he's on his way to school, and he (after too much hesitation) turns back for home. He decides to leave the city and his little suburban town when he learns that both his landlord and his mother were killed in the raid. He waits on the Moving Day tracks and meets a conductor for Them named Michaelis. He (illegally) decides to live with him and scouts out the towns the train passes in Mick's stead.

Kieden is reserved, incredibly depressing, and cynical. He isn't witty, but he likes to think a lot, performing literary analyses on his own life, which he can do because life feels like a movie to him (depression symptom). He lives with a dismal, dreary philosophy, but he isn't so joyless and dark, at least to the people he meets. Kieden can't help but try to help others everywhere he goes even though he believes he isn't being helpful, ever. He also wants Sera's dream to make planes a reality, keeping one of her paper airplanes with him wherever he goes. He won't believe you when you call him nice, but that's what Kieden is. A nice boy. A very sad, nice boy.

Rustel is one of the middle children of a family of four daughters and three brothers. As far as Rustel knows, all of his siblings are dead, except for his older sister. Problem is, she's dying of tuberculosis. Rustel lives in the urban center of a country (that neighbors Kieden's and Sera's country) set somewhere a lot like the late 1800's in America (late Industrial Revolution-y).

In keeping with the Industrial Revolution-y theme, his parents worked themselves (pretty much to death) in the factories, and he and his siblings also had to work just so they could make a living. Unfortunately, his siblings also worked themselves to death or died from work-induced sicknesses or drank themselves to their graves, and now his remaining older sister can't work due to her sickness. Rustel became the single source of support for the two-member family. Then famine struck the country. The government decided that invading their more prosperous neighbor would work best: it would raise morale, and help the economy, and gain the country access to much needed resources.

Rustel was urged by his sister to join the war, so that he would be able to get fed (one of the incentives for volunteers to join the army). She gave him her harmonica (unused of course), and promised to send him letters. Rustel at first refused to go, loyal to his sister, but eventually the drafting notice came in, and he was forced to bid his sister good-bye. His sister was his only hope for the first several months of the war, and he pored over her telegrams constantly. But one day, stricken with the fear that the telegram in his hand was a notice regarding her death, he refused to read one of her telegrams. It was this same day he met Sera at Kieden's hometown.

Rustel travels around with Sera throughout his unenthusiastic war effort. He becomes more personally involved with her when Sera's country uses jamming signals to break military communication, and he and his squadron lose all connections with their leaders. Rustel is a tried, and worn young man, whose concern for others and himself often prevent him from sleeping well at night. He thinks about things a lot, much like Kieden does, but he's not as cynical as Kieden, which is probably why Sera and he became friends.

Kieden did not fall in love with Sera. Sera fell in love with Kieden, but Kieden, with lots of shame written in his face, rejects her. They continue to act as friends after that because Sera doesn't make a big deal about her confession, but Kieden is wracked with guilt. Kieden regards Sera very highly and wants her to be happy, so he's kind of angry at not being able to say he loved her back the same way she did.

Rustel probably has more of a sister complex than anything, but Sera reminds him a lot of his older sister. She always works to make people happy even when she herself isn't, and Sera becomes a source of morale for the soldiers in his group. To lose that would be devastating, so Rustel feels obliged to protect her. Sera feels obliged to protect Rustel in turn, which she tries to do by preventing fights from breaking out between the citizens and Rustel's group.


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