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Riiiight, um, Sera's second day one will be kind of hard because IT'S COMPLICATED. The 'romance' part of FC isn't too big of a deal, so it's convoluted due to purposeful ambiguity. So! Saving that for another day. Elga's is easier, and besides, lengthy enough on its own.

Previous things:
Meme listing
Elga Day 1

Yeah, yeah, the guy on the left. :V He's also a playable protagonist in certain arcs of BotL, and under certain conditions, can become your permanent playable character.

Semni is an immortal and a companion and contemporary of the holy Apompaios, Azel. He is often given the same amount of respect and import as the late Azel, but he has refused to accept any religious title. He has done little to attract international attention in recent years, and as such is mostly revered in his residential country and as a fantastic hero in bards' epics. He served as vizier to the late, childless, Kimilian caliph (and has served as vizier for generations of caliphs), but since his passing, Semni has taken over rule until he finds a new, suitable caliph.

Semni was born into a lowly merchant's family, and met Azel while the latter was visiting the marketplace; thereafter Semni served as his mediator. Semni was formerly an outgoing and pushy vendor and he was incredibly curious about the world and other people. If he couldn't sell something, he would at least try to strike a friendly conversation with passersby, and if he was lucky, they would perhaps trade a book or two. He respected Azel and envied his ability to travel the world, and it was this that prompted him to accept the immortality and heavy duties Azel offered him.

Semni now is mostly reserved and rather cynical, but he has strong morals, and is especially thoughtful about the country's citizens and the lower classes, of which he was once a part of. He is usually polite, teasing to people he's close to, and to people who rub him the wrong way, he will remain polite, suavely inserting subtle insults into his speech. In terms of his job, he has had a number of caliphs that he's hated, but he's also grown fond of a large number of them. In particular, he was very good friends with the most recent caliph and at Semni's entrance into the story, he is still trying to cope with the caliph's death.

Warning: my romance is not very romantic um.

Due to a mistake and hasty planning on Elga's part, she was taken onto a slave ship, on which she performed a successful mutiny as the ship made its way to Kimilia. Semni, thoroughly peeved by the merchant drama and entirely uninterested in buying female slaves (neither was the most recent caliph), kept her in the palace (he really did not want to tamper with Morcosa's sensitive politics) in the hopes of relinquishing her onto the next trade ship bound for Morcosa. Instead, she stayed (initially to his annoyance), frequented his library and the city streets, and assisted him in his country's military endeavors. He served as her mentor, and she served as a source of third-party advice and another military leader.

With much strain and hesitation, Elga confessed to him first. Semni wasn't new to love, but he was accustomed to ignoring it. He, however, wasn't accustomed to having someone confess to him or ask him to follow through with a relationship, especially since he was immortal and incredibly introverted. The confession frustrated him quite a bit, but he knew that he had encouraged the relationship and rather willingly submitted to her advances and performed some of his own. It was something he wanted but was hesitant to admit. Their priorities (not to mention lifespans) were too different, but eventually Semni decided to nurture the relationship. The fact that she would die sooner than he was a large factor in his decision. He wanted her to be happy, and, frankly, he wanted to be happy, too.
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