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This meme:
And no one cares that it's actually DAY 13 HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *hackcoughguhaagh*

We ignore the fact that Sera's calves (and arm) are TOO LONG. *ahem* Two stories because their worlds are much more interesting and developed, such that the settings are characters all on their own (and at least somewhat sensible *cough*IF*cough*), and fit the prompts better.

Elga Kosmin is a Morcosan princess. The Kosmin family was (supposedly) divinely chosen to rule over Morcosa after their victories in a series of wars a couple of centuries ago. Unfortunately, her more recent ancestors, and particularly her parents, have more than kind of effed up their jobs. Her parents commit a lover's suicide (and lots of drama ensues), and the throne, being empty and with the Kosmin family losing its former majesty, civil wars break out (and threatens to become an international war) to gain control of the rich and large country of Morcosa. Elga unhesitatingly joins in to protect her hallowed right to rule.

Elga knows her parents sucked really hard at being monarchs (especially after they kicked her illegitimate brother out of the palace just to save face), and she grew herself up with every intent of restoring the Kosmin name. Elga's fixation on honor and becoming a suitable, strong, intelligent leader have driven her to close off her personal emotions, and she is very much ok with this, or at least is very good at managing it. Elga is independent, proud, and loyal to her duties and priorities--namely, the Morcosan people. She knows that the throne is hers, and she knows how she plans to rule, but how to gain the manpower to fight for it... Well, she knows she can figure it out.

Sera is an eccentric girl. Her parents were immigrants, and in being immigrants, had to give up all memories of their home country by law. Sera thus had a very awkward childhood. Sera dreams of making airplanes (and making them legal) one day, always dresses conservatively, smiles a lot, plays hooky (yet still does well in school, to the vexation of her teachers), and has a habit of launching a slew of paper airplanes with really nasty comments written on them wherever she goes. She sings randomly, blurts out in class occasionally--well, in short, she is probably more than a little touched in the head and not too fond of socializing. As such, Sera doesn't make many friends in school.

Her only friend is Kieden Ng, who himself is an immigrant and equally as uninterested in socializing (and also touched in the head, but more outwardly depressed). When war hits the country by surprise, the two are forced to leave their homes, their school, and each other. Sera, instead of fleeing, joins the opposing force as a POW and the squadron's vivandière, mediator, and replacement drummer girl. In this more violent and unstructured environment, Sera's optimistic facade begins to crumble, but through it, she discovers that she likes people and making friends a lot more than she originally thought. In hopes of one day meeting Kieden again, she continues to leave a number of paper airplanes in her wake.
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