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Left wrist hurts like a dumbface probably due to coding and crap, so it gave me more incentive to not be productive. (I need to get slapped. HARD.)

They wouldn't work very well considering literacy wasn't exactly common. In this context, standard means the flag. Which is crappily drawn in her left hand. With some improvised coat of arms IDK, rose because this story is kind of like the War of the Roses. Except in Russia. I really don't know if there'll be a rose there. Queen, technically Grand Duchess Elga because I am RIPPING OFF OF RUSSIA like you wouldn't believe. 8T She is like St. Olga of Kiev, Catherine the Great, and Peter the Great and other kids that aren't big Russian figures combined. Of course, she is still a work in prog. And has no clothes here. I just wanted a woosh and dynamic pic. I don't have time to refine things. Before you, yes, her saber is held that way.
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