Oct. 16th, 2011

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Just discovered that I actually have atrocious professors next semester except one! One! Weeeh. It's extremely daunting seeing I have less time next semester than I do now, and I'm already struggling, and the CS professor with his insane deadlines and workload is going to kill me. People who are taking 200 are dying with this professor, and so am I. It's like I'll only ever get a good CS professor in operating systems and die from the sheer difficulty of it, hahaha.

I've a midterm this week, two quizzes, and robo stuff. :D; Whiiiich I don't get, and I may let people down. :((((

By the way, machine code is really weird! I keep treating it like software, which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The whole mind the clock in machine code is so different from sequential software that it throws me off.

Watching Avatar. I really respect the people who made this. It's politics, war, death, and has such cool characters. The staff really did their research! So many Asian ideologies are mixed in from the Confucian family first ideals, to the overprotective Asian parents, to the super strict Asian parents expectations, to the complexes Asian kids of such parents often have--IT'S A VERY ASIAN SHOW and that's amazing. And it's a kid's show! Amazing. I still think the romance is misplaced though, hahaha. But the women are super awesome! It's a good show. I admire the witers!


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