Aug. 15th, 2011

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Just came back from Las Vegas with my visiting relatives. School's in less than a week. The best part of Vegas is the gaudy interiors. I took pictures of the tiling, the random tacky ceilings, the carpets, modern art--yeah, it was great! I hate the smells though. And, I don't know why people think this place is sexy. I guess it's just how most people are/advertising. I miss the Coca-Cola tower though. It was full of fun soda fountains and cool stuff used to impress kids! Man, I used to love that place when I was younger. Vegas has nice interiors though! Will use for reference in my engineer-y story.

Website's probably not happening until much later! Which upsets me some, but, whatever. Dealing with it. I am now registered for a singing class this semester! I have missed singing in class so much I can't even. <3


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