Aug. 8th, 2011

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I don't like having guests over because my parents usually end up making fun of me during casual conversations, and I kind of don't want to talk to anyone because of it! Still gotta clean the house for them though (which is fine)! I wish I could look forward to their visit, though, because they're usually nice people, it's just. Haha. The usual. Ok, whatever.

So hey, I did some simple simple design stuff, see:

I don't get MC designs: young Elga )

The smell of chemical-y cleaners and the feel of dust in your throat lining. Eeck, cleaning. DX Website's on hold until I can figure out the problem with my desktop machine. Iiiiiiiiii'm mostly convinced it's the power supply. RAM and CPU have been pretty much ruled out, definitely not a virus, HOPEFULLY not the mobo, and it's not the hard drives either. If all goes well, a simple PSU replacement should fix it up. :> And then I can finally have my website up! For now, it'll be that fixed small size using static tables, but when I get better at coding stuff (like javascript or something), I'll have it adjust according to your window size!


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