Jul. 3rd, 2011

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AM^2 was awesome! Artist Alley-wise, at least. I sat on my rump ALL WEEKEND LONG and did nothing but SIT ON MY RUMP ALL WEEKEND LONG doing commissions and stuff, but it was fun! It is THE most satisfying thing having customers squeal over commissions or paying me tips for them and being overall happy with them! It meant so much to me that nearly all of my customers were ecstatic/satisfied with my commissions. ;w; Even the ones where I had to draw the customer! Heck, ESPECIALLY those! <333 A-a-and EVEN THOUGH I COLORED WITH CRAYONS WHEN THEY WANTED IT COLORED THEY WERE STILL REALLY HAPPY. <333

I haven't done things with traditional media i na really long time (since I don't have a scanner), but I'm happy people like it. X3 I took a picture of most of the commissions (except the ones I forgot), so I'll post those up when I get the chance. \o/ I had a lot of commission takers, so that made me pretty happy (and tired)!

Assassin's Creed sells really well. Only one Legal Luke and no Ingway and Mercedes pic sold (Gwendolyn and Oswald almost sold out though, so I guess I should have smaller versions of Ingway and Mercedes XD;;), but those Altair charms were really popular! I cut Altair and the hay into two parts and attached them with a chain (so it's a somewhat long two part charm), and everyone was pretty psyched about it! My AC commission sample (made to show people I could draw MEN without being cute because, well, girls like men, typically) also attracted people, and one girl asked if I could draw Altair and Malik for her commission. AC WAS A GOOD BANDWAGON TO JUMP.

Girls took mostly commissions while guys mostly bought the prints and charms! Our table was a total gamer table, and some people were really psyched by it! Plenty of groups of guys called our table the best table. \o/ We had P4, DJMax Technika, TotA, Touhou, FFT, Odin Sphere, Professor Layton, Guilty Gear (this attracted a lot of people), Pokemon, Assassin's Creed--and I even met another Ape Escape fan! ;w; My sister, of course churned out the most profit! It was awesome! I-I mean, PEOPLE BOUGHT MY STUFF! AND LIKED IT!!!! *___*

I'll post pictures later, but for now, I'm feelin' pretty good. :'> We almost broke even on Friday, but fully broke even on Saturday, when my sis entered the table. Pretty dang small con (there was like, twenty artist tables), but we still got the right audience. X3 Me and [livejournal.com profile] jamuko were interviewed in all our brilliant girly embarrassed giggliness on man vs. art, so when that ep is up, I'll post and you guys can laugh at me!

Oh, oh, and if you like oldies like me, Layla Lane is a good band to check out! <3


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