Jun. 1st, 2011

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Right before I took a nap, I started planning the BotL battle system. Then I dreamed it in action. It's like FFT crossed with the FF ATB system. It's weird. But it looks fun! But holy crap, the AI is going to be SO HARD to code. Time + Placement + "fast enough at making decisions to be challenging" + "please don't eat up the player's RAM" = OHGOD. W-well, the RAM part would be because there'd be too many things to keep track of, including the player's characters... It'd either be totally laggy or computer crashy. None of which is cool.

Yeah. Anyway.
Have a slightly relevant plug.
Love and physics and rotation. Proceed with caution.

Dance until we cease to exist )

The text took like four times longer to write than the picture. D|


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