May. 31st, 2011

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Yesterday was nice! We were out with our visiting uncles off into parts of California I've never been to (or at least was too young to remember). Santa Barbara was like a wide (it's still America) Madrid, almost! There were musicians, brick, outside eating--awesome stuff. Young people and old people everywhere. It was clean and super nice! Not that we did much, hahaha.

We then went to Solvang! We first went into this awesome clock shop with MECHANICAL CLOCKS. YEAH. Y'know, the ONES YOU HAVE TO WIND?! So, so cool. Pendulums a-swinging, cuckoo clocks a-singing, chimes a-a-a--a-chiming? Anyway, it was all very very cool. Then they had super fancy music boxes with coasters and ferris wheels and combs and actual music movements--not just the electronic stuff. Mechanical! Purely mechanical!

There were some electronic stuff, too, some of which were pretty cool, but the mechanical stuff takes center stage for me. Aw, man, it was so cool being surrounded by that stuff, and I'm glad it still has a spot in California. I wish I had enough money to buy one--it seemed family run, and hopefully they'll still be there for several more years. I still want to make stuff like that one day! Their site. I think I ran into these guys' site when looking up how to make music boxes. XD;

Also, blueberry ice cream is delicious. I thought of it once as a kid, so I had to try it--it was great!

We also went to a casino, but I was kicked out at the door because I was too young. Which was fine; I'm not interested in gambling and second-hand smoke. Except there was nothing to do. My dad and I walked the parking structure. Then waited. Not very exciting. Wished there were places to walk to, but alas.

[ profile] jamuko also called me that day--which was a shock since usually it's a friend complaining about how unavailable I am--because[ profile] without_reason was in town and had no one to hang out with?! TDT It's too bad we couldn't make it. ;___; If you come over again, we'll try our best to catch you! Hope you had fun while you were here! \o/ .....And I'm sorry I'm so awkward on the phone, Jamu. OTL;; My brain just crashes on the cellphone. I should've been much more polite about it all! T^T;;;;

Too much food intake the past two weeks. Mom cooked in bulk so that we'd have something to eat while they were off on their trip. See, she cares, but she...doesn't understand that we don't eat that much! So we've stuffed our faces trying to finish it all before it went bad. We were unsuccessful, but luckily it's not bad yet. Then our uncles come along and have been dragging us from restaurant to restaurant--and, golly, it's just been too much. I'm gaining--it's delicious, but there's just too much! And wasting's not cool, so. :/a I really need to have a long walk.

I also need time to drive and set up a schedule for my wisdom teeth surgery and driving test and BoE meeting--then summer school!


I ate an apple today. And for some reason, the seeds were germinating INSIDE THE APPLE. adsjagkjh--what do I do?! @_@; Does anyone know how to care for germinating seedlings? A-and since we don't have room in the yard...any bonsai-ers around? ;____; I-I don't want them to die after they've tried so hard...


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