May. 26th, 2011

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My computer is being a stubborn ass and is refusing to tell me what's wrong with him. Hard disk errors? No. Virus? Nope. Memory? Nuh-uh! COMPUTER WHY WON'T YOU COOPERATE WITH ME YOU HAVE IMPORTANT FILES INSIDE OF YOU DON'T DAMAGE THEM. DDD8 He seems to have something against shutting down properly, and for some reason, a blue light on my tower stays on when the computer doesn't shut down properly (I don't know why. It's connected to the software somehow? D| WELL IT'S DUMB.), and it makes it exceedingly difficult for me to sleep. It'd be so much nicer if it were the red light, because that I can stand, but, no.

Based on all of the errors and symptoms my computer's been showing, memory seemed the most likely culprit, but the memory test shows there's nothing wrong with the memory. I'm lost, and I'm afraid of physically damaging my hard drive or memory by continuing to use it, but I...have to, so. :/a Sad day, computer.

I-I really need to write, but I got nothing. Just letting my fingers run loose. Nothing exciting here! (Read if you want though? 8Db;;;)

have a meme. )
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Because I totally can and yes I am totally Googling these )

That was fun--especially that last one, hahaha.
....I'm starting to regret not putting Nephelium here. TDT


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