May. 10th, 2011

hey guys

May. 10th, 2011 11:16 pm
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It was [ profile] talc2's birthday over a week ago (oops), SO I DREW HER CHARACTER ANYO TO MAKE UP FOR IT. ;~;
why is it always barney colors )

I love how the my weighted total online for math is 12.60%, but luckily, as I found out, it's inaccurate. WHEW. Almost gave me a heartattack! I D-ed the final by strict grading standards, but apparently it counts as a B, so I now have a high B in the class! I DID IT. X_X;;; ...OH SHIZ I'M GOING INTO ENGINEERING FFFFFFFFFF *goes for the noose*

I...also joined dA-Fantasia because [ profile] animetor_lily invited me to join her foodie group. XDD At first I was like, eeeeh, and then I had the idea of a sheep old-ish guy, so I went ahead and accepted. And I RP'ed. It feels really weird RP-ing again, and it's difficult getting into character for a character I've just made, but. Hahaha, it's really light-hearted RP-ing, so it's fun. :> There's people I don't know, but they're really nice, so...I think I can deal with it! ....I'm too chicken to enter the official chatrooms, hahaha. OTL;


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