Apr. 6th, 2011

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So funny story. I brought my laptop to school for the first time to review my programs for my CS midterm. Now, my programs are stored on the UNIX server, so I had to use the internet to access them. Apparently my school's internet is a butt to people first coming in, so I wasn't able to get in until AFTER my midterm.

And the midterm itself? I'm so indifferent I can't even explain. I think I did well, but we all know how that phrase tends to backfire on us. I still have a hard time caring though.

While we were dillydallying after philosophy class (which is a pretty awesome class, I have to admit. I really like philosophy!) my friend wanted to draw. And since I had brought my laptop with me, I thought, what the hey! Why not!

It's the first time I've drawn with a mouse in several years. It's extremely simplistic in part because I had a mouse and in part because my friend wanted to see how I color, so I did the line art as quickly as I could. Even though I don't really know how to use SAI...especially to make awesome colors. I don't get how others do it. :| The pic's unfinished, if we're comparing it with my vision, but I'm totally fine with it this way.

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