Mar. 22nd, 2011

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Oh, my CS and calc II midterm aren't on the same day anymore, yaay!

Grade issues still exist though, haha.

Pianos seem to be the music of choice for the majority of my stories. Listening to pianos helps set the tone of ideas and helps them flow a bit better. Too bad my tablet decided to jack up today, haha. I have a lot of introspective characters, and pianos just fit? Even if one of them plays the violin--but that, too, works I suppose...generally the less weeping violin music. Something like "Humoresque."

I've no skill in composing, but I'd like to do it. Keep doing it, I guess, is the appropriate phrase. I'd like to learn how to play the piano well and play the melodies in my head, but I have no coordination. My coordination in violin is still heavily flawed and purely muscle memory--no talent. I'd like to learn the piano still. I hammer on the keys every once in a while and concoct a cacophony of sparse accidentals and random major chords and C major scales up and down--generally unexciting, but fun, for me.

I also picked up some awesome books in the school bookstore! H.G. Wells' The Time Machine and a collection of Ambrose Bierce's Civil War writings--all for $4.39! That's already too much to spend for me. But they had so many other books I've been wanting to read: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Turn of the Screw (even though it's horror, eeh, kinda?), The Red Badge of Courage (THIS), and so much more. *__* I had no idea such a lovely and affordable collection of books existed right there!

Since I can't really draw much at the moment (wrung dry of ideas for now), I've been reading my stress away. And it's pretty awesome, haha.

If anyone has any piano pieces (or any other piece really) they love, please, share! I'm always eager to listen to more. :)


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