Mar. 14th, 2011

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Layout update! As much as I love Robert Frost, it was time to let his poem go. :(
Now we have a fun word with a cute first syllable. Yeah.

I really wanted to make a random header image (the images are simple enough that it wouldn't over-energize the page), but I am not well versed at all in the ways of css and php and what-have-yous.

Oh, and guess what! I got rid of the banner ads also meaning I have less userpics to EXPRESS MYSELF, but dude, I can so deal with that. *cue withdrawal symptoms*

Red isn't really my color, but I love the simplicity of the layout, and it felt wrong to let go of the red. It gives it some pizazz, I guess, whatever that is.

Hahaha, Houshin Engi's anime is so bad, but the hilarious dub makes up for it. Oh gosh.
Clazziquai is an awesome group. The vocals. The instrumentation. Eeeee! ♥ Be still my heart!


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