Feb. 17th, 2011

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I'm not the only one who thinks this, but FILIPINO .HACK// GUYS. It looks like a typical action flick if you don't understand the dialog (I could attempt to translate it, but my Tagalog skills are pretty shoddy at best), but DUDE. DUDE. It's not one of those half-baked comedies, romances, and horrors Filipinos usually make. ABOUT TIME PHILIPPINES.

Reviews are pretty dang positive across the board save for the voice acting (yeah, acting's overdone), and, yes, most people kept their hopes down low for the most part (because my GOD Filipino movies tend to be outright AWFUL), but they found that this movie IS ACTUALLY GOOD. YES. FINALLY.

Ok, yes, of COURSE there will be some cheese, but it's marketed toward a wide audience and let's not forget it's still Filipino, but the whole gamer thing and parent thing and stuff--it's so. It's GOOD FILIPINO, OKAY?

And no I haven't watched it yet. But.
I wanna watch it. :O

Oh, oh, Filipino music is so hilarious:

And yes, yes, I'm actually listening to these songs and liking it, and yes, they are so cheesy but WHATEVER. "You can do it!" is so not a cheesy line in music, no. Really.


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